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The Best Advice to Stop Overthinking

Overthinking, or the inability to stop thinking so much, can make you mentally and emotionally exhausted, not to mention, it sabotages your self-confidence in the process. The act of overthinking, replaying conversations in your head, or second-guessing yourself, is a subconscious expression of doubt and lack of self-trust in your own actions, interactions and decision making. You don’t have to stay stuck in this pattern of thinking. In this podcast episode you’ll learn the best advice to stop overthinking and manage your mind with confidence, calmness and certainty. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/449

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re chatting about: 

  • Overthinking: what it is and why we get stuck in it
  • 3 things you can do right now to break the overthinking habit
  • The best advice I can give anyone to stop overthinking



Trish Blackwell is Amazing!, tere621

When I first started listening to The Confidence Podcast, there was an anxious pit in my stomach. I would not eat, when I did it- it would not stay down, and I would wake up every morning to dry heave and cry because I felt helpless. Trish ash helped me understand that I DO NOT HAVE TO BELIEVE EVERY THOUGHT that comes through my head. Thoughts can make you believe the most evil and negative things, she helped me understand that I have the power to change my thoughts and choose to believe my truth. Thank you Trish, you truly are a gift to this world!



If you’ve ever wondered how to not overthink ever again, this video will teach you how. Overthinking leads to anxious thinking, a lack of self-trust, indecisiveness and stress. When you overthink, you create a cycle of negative thoughts, catastrophizing, uncertainty, stress and overwhelm, and your mind is lying to you about feeling stuck. Your mind lies and makes you feel like you are insecure, uncertain about what to do next and that your thoughts are not good ones.

Your thoughts are powerful, and anyone can learn how to stop overthinking, how to trust your decisions, how to be more decisive and how to have confidence in your choices…it all starts with learning how to manage your mind.


Ways that overthinking manifests:

  • Racing thoughts – especially at night.
  • Replaying of and obsessing over conversations.
  • Creating narratives of what people are thinking about something you said.
  • Delaying a decision because of decision overwhelm and decision fatigue
  • Worrying that the decision you made was the wrong one
  • Catastrophizing scenarios and living in the future or the past


What it does to us:

  • Perpetuates self-doubt

  • Puts us into a place of desperation for outward validation

  • Removes confidence in our own gut and natural instincts

  • Causes us to live out of integrity – we don’t always do what we say we are going to do or what we want to do

  • Increases our anxiety and stress

  • Messes with our sleep 

  • Directs our focus on what people think of us instead of what we think about ourselves (by the way if you want coaching on getting free from this in particular, watch my free masterclass, How to Stop Caring What People Think at www.trishblackwell.com/stopcaring

  • Disconnects us from self-trust 

  • Removes us from the ability to be in the present

  • Complicates and waters down our relationship with others

  • Delays our future success and limits our opportunities (because we move forward with major hesitation and obvious self-doubt)

  • Create a pattern of playing small when God created us for so much more




Every overthinking pattern has a root habit: identify yours.

-Does yours come from fear?

-Does yours come from inheritance / what you saw growing up?

-Does yours come desire to control?

-> Figure out your main root emotion. 

 Talk back to your overthinking by creating a new pattern.

-Call your brain out for its false cognitive bias 

-Consider that your brain isn’t always correct

-Contemplate the difference between “circumstance” and “fact”

-Congratulate yourself on the good decisions you make (carpet example)

Practice self-trust and micro-decisions

-Know that everything is figureoutable

-Know that the more you trust yourself, the more capable you are

-Know that you do make good decisions

Ultimately, make a decision, and then stick with it, all the way through. 



The result of overthinking? >> It puts you into an emotional place of powerlessness and a pitiful mindset state, out of control and weak.

The best advice to stop overthinking? >>> 


Take the power back.

Decide to talk back to your brain.

Decide to train your thoughts.

Decide that just because you have spiraled before means you have to continue.

Decide that you’re not the same person.

Decide to get a coach.

Decide to be curious about your thought patterns.

Decide to be bold and brave enough to create a new belief.

Decide to journal daily.

Decide that you don’t want to live a tired life.

Decide that you will trust yourself.

Decide to stay in the present.

Decide to let yourself be human.

Decide to believe that people aren’t obsessing over you.

Decide to create a better experience of life for yourself



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I just wanted to say thank you. I started listening to your podcasts about a month or so ago after I had trouble progressing in a career opportunity. I did not get the job and felt like it was all my fault. I struggled with feeling like I could move on and ended up losing the next job opportunity as well. It seemed I couldn’t get out of my own way. So I knew that I needed help. I have always been a shy and anxious person even when I was a toddler. I always hid behind my parents legs and kept to myself. I am almost 22 and even a year ago I would get so nervous to even say hi to someone. So nervous that I could hear my heartbeat as I walked up to them and often avoided them altogether. I always thought that was just who I was. I struggled with self-confidence and feeling comfortable in my own skin. I never believed people when they gave me a compliment. I would brush it off as something normal and rarely said thank you because I didn’t believe it. I was struggling with perfectionism but I found your podcasts and I have already learned so much. I skip through some episodes and binged them at work so I am just passed your 300th episode and you have taught me so much. You showed me that I can change this mindset and the feeling of not being good enough. I don’t have to be the quiet person if I don’t want to. There are times when I feel that I can’t do something but with your podcasts I am slowly breaking out of that mindset. I am walking taller and accepting compliments and thanking people. I am attempting your suggestion of doing one thing that scares me every day. Although, there are still some days that I feel low, I still am able to look back at what I did that day and feel proud of that one thing, even if it was just talking to someone. So, again, thank you so much and I will continue to binge listen to your podcasts. 

Thank you,

Elizabeth Exum

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