Podcast #448

Tips for Social Awkwardness to Help You Be Yourself

Everyone experiences social awkwardness; it’s what you do when you’re experiencing it that determines whether or not it will mess with your confidence and with how you come off to others. This podcast episode will coach you to a place of confidence for the next time you find yourself in a socially awkward situation, wishing that you could stick your foot in your mouth, or just generally wishing you were cooler when in social situations. You are not alone, and these tips and this confidence coaching will help. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/448


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about 

. Social awkwardness, and how it manifests in your life
·       10 instant ways to be less awkward
·       How to be yourself when you’re feeling the pressure of social overthinking
You don’t need to beat yourself up about being socially awkward or keep wondering how to be less awkward, here are 10 instant ways that will help you feel more confident and cool in social settings. Social awkwardness is something everyone feels, whether you feel social insecurity, you find yourself overthinking conversations, you feel like you don’t have any friends, you feel like you don’t fit in, you think that no one really likes you, or you find yourself putting your foot in your mouth and saying the wrong thing all the time, these confidence tips will help you chill out and feel more okay. In this episode you’ll learn how to create you own social confidence and you’ll get coached on how to be patient learning how to create the social life you want. 



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“Confidence Boost and a God send,” by laurabj1
I have been listening to your podcast for seven months now. I found you on Keep the Faith website. I saw your Detox Fear program. That helped me a lot and then I saw your podcast. Your podcast helped me with my confidence and is still helping me. It also helped me with my self esteem. I like that it’s faith based too. I know God better in the last seven months, I know He is helping me still. Thanks for everything you do. 



Simple social situations:
Avoidance of them
Disrupted social potential
Negative self-talk and insecurity (lack of belonging)
Disengagement from confident body language
Comes off as disinterested in others or RBF
Intense feelings of anxiety of fear in social situations
Intimidation and fear of speaking to another person
Rambling conversations – unable to stop talking
Overdrinking or overeating or over-scrolling 
Obsessing over every word that comes out of your mouth
Relationships and Friendships
Avoidance of conflict
Lack of depth
Perpetuation of people pleasing
Social overthinking
Peer pressure 
Obsessing over every conversation you have
Feeling like you are being judged during conversations
Not pursuing expressing yourself or your interests
Lack of meaningful conversations with others



1.     Stand with confidence.
2.     Walk with confidence.
3.     Make eye contact.
4.     Own your space.
5.     Say hello.
6.     Start conversations and be interested in people.
7.     Leave when you want.
8.     Know what you bring. (Know yourself; do you bring humor, a listening ear, etc.)
9.     Be yourself.
10.  Remember that everyone is awkward.
Face awkwardness head on.
Practice interacting with others.
Put yourself in situations to stretch your comfort zone. 
Play around with your voice inflections, and your transition statements. 
Try to stay in the present – and let any awkward potential byproduct have the possibility of being a simple, passing thought in someone else’s mind. 
Practice identifying social cues with more skill
Smile more
Pace yourself when speaking and make sure you are engaging the other person
Avoid overly brief and abrupt responses



Let’s define “social overthinking”
-It’s worrying too much about what others are thinking 
-It’s replaying the conversations and interactions you have with people
-It’s trying to create narratives and stories that aren’t really happening
-It’s an insecure effort to give yourself a sense of control and belonging
Be yourself by talking back to yourself
-Give yourself your own coaching pep talks.
“Everyone is awkward.”
“It’s normal to think that people are thinking you don’t fit in.”
“I’m human and allowed to desire belonging.”
“I belong.”
“I’m investing in relationships and pursuing people – every effort I make and every interaction I make matters.”
“Relationships are everchanging and always evolving, nothing is finite.”
“I am deciding that people like me because I like me; and I am okay with the people who don’t like me.”



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Diana O.
I must say that your podcast is amazing and I am so glad I stumbled upon it at the time I did. God bless you for all your work and labour of love.
I would like to make a personal request and was wondering if you’ll be able to speak to this topic:
I’m a wife and mom of 3 girls, aged 5, 3 and 2. Since I began a mom, I have episodes of anxiety and sadness when I think about the time when my kids will be off to college or leading their own lives. Over the last 5 years I have tried to manage the overwhelming sadness. But this year, I have been more disturbed and distracted by it more than ever. Some days that thought it triggered by a phrase or a song and I become an emotional wreck where I’m crying for days lasting up to a week.
How do I deal with these emotions? I thought you may have insight as you are a mom as well. Thank you for considering my request. 

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