Podcast #447

Career Confidence: How to Have More of It, No Matter What Type of Work You Do

How you think about your work directly impacts the confidence with which you show up for it. The more career confidence you have, the more opportunities you will create. The reality is that most of us feel stuck, dissatisfied or overwhelmed with work and end up not showing up as our best selves. Your work takes of 1/3 of your life, the level of confidence you have in it has a profound effect on the confidence you carry into other areas of your life. This episode will boost your career confidence, whatever type of career you have. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/447


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about: 

·       The reasons we struggle with confidence in the workplace

·       The key to career confidence, whether you work a 9-5, own a company, are a stay-at-home mom, or have your own online brand

·       10 ways you can appear to be the most confident people in your field



Djosephine – 5stars

Trish speaks to my soul! In every podcast, she says something that resonates with me that I have to pause the show and reflect. I always walk away from her podcasts filled with positivity and encouragement. I highly recommend her podcast.




Traditional Careers:

We wait to be discovered.

We label environments “toxic” too quickly and don’t manage our minds.

We settle for less than what we want.

We get pulled into complaint culture.

We buy into the separation of departments and forget the value we bring.

We don’t commit to being the best employee in the building.

We forget to ask for what we want.

We play smaller than we need to.

We care too much what people think.

We second-guess our career choice and live in the past.

We fantasize about other workplaces and companies.

We don’t ask for new opportunity or increased pay. 

We think we can’t be ourselves.

We want the group to like us and we get distracted by things that don’t matter. 

We lose sight of the value of the work we do, even if in thankless or unnoticed tasks. 

We allow self-pity to keep our attitudes from being excellent. 

Entrepreneur Careers:

We try to copy what everyone else is doing.

We put too much attention in social media instead of email nurturing.

We obsess over the product instead of mastering the offer.

We personalize rejection and want success to be easy.

We compare our step 10 with someone else’s step 100.

We measure our worth by our income and get too in the weeds of the numbers.

We don’t set our beliefs with focused intention.

We aren’t hyper-focused on creating change for our customers – it becomes too much about us.

We get distracted by new courses, strategies and learning.

We see the green grass of other methods and forget to water our own.

We think of our industry as competition instead of proof of concept.

We get small-minded and scarcity-focused (there are more than enough people to serve)

We are afraid to charge for the result we offer people.

We pretend to be perfect and are afraid of being human / real. 

We put too much emphasis on our website / looks instead of on creating connection.

We believe the vanity metrics of other people’s success.

We haven’t actually set work hours and boundaries.

We don’t really even know what “success” means to us.

We go it on our own, without a coach. 



Have joy in how you contribute through what you do and how you grow daily in the process of doing the ordinary in extraordinary ways.

Every life shift begins with a mind shift — > lift your mind to carry yourself with more confidence and commitment in your work, and your career will open opportunities you didn’t even know were there. 

Contribution: gives purpose.

Growth: gives progress. 

These two elements launch you to forward momentum, which is a deeply satisfying component of the human experience of confidence. This will free you from the boredom of stagnancy, the dullness of a job you don’t love and the frustration of thinking you’re behind or not doing enough. 



1.     Be early and don’t be rushed (Conveys mastery of life schedule)

2.     Be the first to say hello (Conveys approachability)

3.     Be eager to learn (Conveys growth mindset and openness)

4.     Be an encourager (Conveys confidence and lack of insecurity)

5.     Be yourself (Conveys self-acceptance and self-understanding)

6.     Be vocal (Conveys willingness, leadership, community building)

7.     Be leading yourself (Conveys leadership level responsibility)

8.     Be above reproach (Conveys lack of caring what people think) 

9.     Be committed (Conveys total belief in the final mission)

10.  Be clear (Conveys integrity, prioritization, ability to focus on what matters and let go of what doesn’t).



Trish. So many things. I’ve been listening to one episode per day and they’ve all hit home. I’ve always based a lot of my worth on a successful career. I realized lately that I wasn’t happy grinding 2-3 unfulfilling jobs. I’m in a big transition phrase right now – I’m excited to keep listening and growing, thank you so much! 


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