Podcast #446

How To Find Yourself and Your Confidence

The need to find yourself, to figure yourself out, to learn to love yourself and how to figure out who you are is part of the journey of being a human committed to self-improvement and positive personal development. This video will teach you how to find yourself again when you feel lost, how to find yourself and redefine yourself after a relationship and how to become the person you want to be in the process. You’ll learn 3 simple ways to rediscover who you are, how to know who you are, how to like yourself and how losing yourself will actually help you really find yourself.


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about: 

·       How to rediscover who you are if you feel lost, uncertain or rock bottom

·       10 reflective questions to help you figure out who you really are

·       How to get an aerial view and understanding of where you are and where you want to go

·       3 strategies on how to start the process of finding yourself again



Hi Ms. Blackwell –

I connected to you on Instagram because I regularly listen to The Confidence Podcast on Google for post of the last year. I know you say at the beginning of each episode that it’s made to help women, but your messages have been helping me immensely in my goal of being confident in myself and I thank you for being part of the journey. 

A thousand thank you’s for helping to create the roadmap in my journey to define the person that I want to become. 




The Art of Asking. 

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June is “Ask Month.”

Yep, together, we are going to master the art of asking. Because, remember, you don’t get in life what you hope for, or even what you deserve, you get what you are confident enough to ask for. 

This applies even in your own self-asking and self-reflection. How you ask yourself what you want from life will determine how you design your life and ultimately live it out.

Asking is a powerful thing, but too many of us tip-toe around it. And we end up missing out on what is actually available to us.

I’ll be doing some spot coaching throughout the month on the “art of asking,” and will be doing it in multiple contexts – relationships, financial, career, sales, and more. Get excited because the more you practice asking, the better you will be at it.

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First: know this: you are not stuck where you are standing. 


 I.         When did you lose yourself?

 II.         Who’s voice got you lost?

 III.         What narrative have you used to keep yourself there?


10 Questions to Help You Figure Out Who You Are

1.     What do people often tell me about me?

2.     What things do I enjoy doing?

3.     What interests capture my curiosity? 

4.     Who am I not?

5.     Who do I want to be?

6.     How do I want to be remembered? 

7.     What difference do I want to make with my life in this world? 

8.     What is the best compliment people could ever say about me?

9.     What type of work makes my heart come alive?

10.  If I could create anything with my life, what would that be? 


5 Resources in the College of Confidence on this topic

1.     How to Know Your Purpose

2.     How to Know Who You Are and What You Want

3.     Getting Beyond Overwhelm 

4.     Transforming Your Trials into Triumphs

5.     How to Train Your Thoughts

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How to Find Yourself Again When You Feel Lost 

Being “lost” or feeling “lost” doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The feeling of being lost is a neutral circumstance and doesn’t have to be emotionally charged with feeling like something is wrong with you. So, from the start let’s establish a few things:

-You’re not broken.

-There’s not something wrong with you.

-You are not behind.

-No one really has everything figured out.

-It’s okay to need to rediscover yourself at any age.

-We are all in a constant state of growth and transformation, and therefore always learning more about ourselves – or, said differently, finding ourselves.

-You don’t have to do this alone. God is with you.


Know who you *not to know who you are.

-Who have you tried to be that hasn’t worked

-When do you feel most inauthentic

-Keep a list or a journal; you are researching yourself and listening to your heart


Ask 3 people to tell you 3 things about you that stand out.

-Gathering information can change what you see about yourself

-Release the assumption that there’s nothing special about you

-Humbly settle into the beautiful truth that we all need one another


Make self-discovery an adventure, not a failing

-Experiment and set out to figure out what you enjoy and what you don’t

-Take the pressure off -there’s nothing to “figure out”

-If you’re growing, you’re on your way — embrace a growth mindset and openness to possibilities you haven’t yet considered.

The only thing limiting you in your life is your own lack of imagination. 

You don’t have to do this alone.

Let me coach you on your path.

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Just stumbled upon your podcast last week and binge-listened all day yesterday. Super thankful for the journal prompts. I love that you have a Christian approach. Confidence is an all-time low for me lately, impostor syndrome is super high, and more than anything, I just want to not feel like I’m so stuck where I’m standing. Much love – keep putting out the good stuff – much needed. Financially I can’t do the College of Confidence, but I’m here for the rest of your content!   -Edie

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