Podcast #445

Talking Back to Your “What If’s”

If you have ever worried about backsliding in life, things not working out or that the good things in your life are too good to be true, this podcast episode is for you. In it you’ll learn the how to talk back to your “what if’s” and how to stay positive about being able to design your life, trust God’s goodness and look at life as an adventure to be explored.


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about:

·       What your “what if’s” are really saying about your thoughts

·       How to reframe your negative and fearful “what if’s” into positive and powerful ones

·       Intentional thought creation and belief curation and affirmation

·       How to trust what you’ve learned and how you have grown

·       Believing in the decisions you make and have made



The Art of Asking. 

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June is “Ask Month.”

Yep, together, we are going to master the art of asking. Because, remember, you don’t get in life what you hope for, or even what you deserve, you get what you are confident enough to ask for. 

This applies even in your own self-asking and self-reflection. How you ask yourself what you want from life will determine how you design your life and ultimately live it out.

Asking is a powerful thing, but too many of us tip-toe around it. And we end up missing out on what is actually available to us.

I’ll be doing some spot coaching throughout the month on the “art of asking,” and will be doing it in multiple contexts – relationships, financial, career, sales, and more. Get excited because the more you practice asking, the better you will be at it.

Together, we’re practicing 30-Days of Asking with our 30-Day Ask Challenge.

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Absolutely Love It – 5 Stars, by lizardexum

Trish’s podcast is the best addition to my day. I found myself falling in love with her podcasts after the first 5 minutes with her inviting attitude and love for Jesus. Since then I have binge listened to so many of her episodes. They bring me so much joy and have helped in my own struggles with confidence. I recommend this podcast to anyone looing for a dose of confidence or just something to brighten their day. 



Reframe the “what if” into what it really is > a direct, fearful thought.

1.     Turn the what if into a thought.

2.     Ask yourself if that thought serves you.

3.     Pick a new thought that you want to make serve you instead. 

Let’s play a game of “positive what if’s.”

How does it work, you ask?

For every negative “what if” is holding you back, I want you to pause, and write down the ultimate positive example of what COULD happen. I’m talking, best-case-scenario, most optimistic, intentional thought belief you can think.

Most of the time our negative “what ifs” are costing us more than we possibly realize. It’s time to break the pattern. 

So tell me, how are you going to turn a negative “what if” into a positive one today?



What if this doesn’t work? = This might not work.

What if I can’t keep this up? = I don’t think I can do this.

What if I go back to how I used to be? = I don’t really believe I have changed.

What if no one reads my book? = What I say doesn’t matter.

What if they hurt me? = I want to avoid all possibility of any negative pain. 

What if I end up alone? = No one really enjoys me and I might never really connect with others.



Affirm that everything is actually working.

1.     Quit convincing yourself that worry works – it’s a time waste and you do have power over it. 

2.     Practice your intentional thought creation and belief curation.

3.     Commit to unwaveringly believing until you see. 

4.     Remember – it’s actually perceived to be “safer” to prepare ourselves by focusing on what could go wrong – but it doesn’t keep us safe, it only keeps us stuck and small. Living life in the possibilities of positivity takes boldness. 



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Trust that you won’t unlearn the personal development you’ve experienced.

1.     Trust your growth and the learning process.

2.     Trust your thought power over your future

3.     Trust your decisions.

·       Conversation with Niki about unlearning not popping yourself. 

·       Decide that other shoe will not drop. 

·       Remember, wherever you are in the process of whatever goal you are pursuing, where you are is GOOD. 

You have something valuable to gain from where you are today. You have something you can be proud about from how you move forward today.

The best part about your goal, of any goal, is the person you have to become to reach it. 

Instead of thinking a thought like “I’m not where I want to be yet,” or “I’m working on getting to my goal,” try out this thought substitute instead:

I love the person I am becoming in the process of the inevitable ups and downs of building my dreams and reaching my goals. What I accomplish will be nice, but the real accomplishment is who I am becoming.


Take responsibility for managing your mind.

Make a decision and stick with the decision. Trust that you don’t want to unmake a decision. Success comes when you make a decision, stick to it and make it work for you.



Hi Trish,

I just listened to Episode 444.  Wow!  You are such an amazing and strong woman.  Thank you for having the courage to share your experiences, good and bad, with the world.  

Personally, you help me to understand that it’s ok to be human.  I have spent most of my life guarding my thoughts, feelings, dreams and experiences.  I am learning to be more open and honest thanks to you.

You are such an inspiration to all your listeners, I am sure.  We all benefit from your messages in our own way.  

Keep doing what you are doing.  We love you for it.


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