Podcast #432

How To Talk Back To Yourself When Negative

How you talk to yourself determines so much about how you feel about yourself and how you feel about your life. In this podcast you’ll learn how talk back to yourself when negative, how to take ownership of your thoughts, your responsibility with managing your mindset and also how to talk back confidently to negative people in your life. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/432

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about: 

    • Taking ownership of your thoughts, and your personal obligation to manage your mindset
    • 5 Things to do to talk back to yourself when negative
    • A bonus note on how to talk back to negative or nasty people



Just some special love and deep gratitude your way for how you support the show. You are a small and mighty group and each and every one of your contributions feels like a big, warm, wiggle hug. Thank you.
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Life Changing, by Traveler_18
I am so thankful for have come across your podcasts. My husband and I live in the Midwest and have been discussing the prospect of moving out west for many months now. It is a dream of ours to take on a big adventure and new city all on our own, but this means leaving my family behind in the Midwest. After listening to your podcasts for about a month now, I boldly and courageously told my husband that the move is a “go” and we are preparing whole heartedly for a move in a few months. Thank you for pushing me to follow my dreams and to use confidence in order to do so. If it’s possible, I’d love for you to do a podcast on how to stay confident in who you are even when everything changes (aka moving / leaving family.) 



Yes, it’s hard.
But double yes, it’s worth it.
You can think you’re broken, or you can complain that it’s not easy, but those thoughts don’t help move you forward. You’re human. This is part of being human. There will always be a battle in your thoughts.
If you want to create a life you love, you must create thoughts that you love.
It’s time to take ownership and stop wishing for change. 
I wasted years hoping some of my habits would change, or that I would have more discipline to break some self-sabotage in my life.
Hoping for change doesn’t create change.
If you want change in your life, you have to first believe it is possible. 
Once you believe it’s possible, change becomes inevitable.
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Let’s face it. Life will inundate you with negativity and in the overwhelm of our lives it’s easy to feel unconsciously negative, discouraged and well, just blah. 

It’s time to talk back to negativity / fear and win in your mindset. 

Here are 5 simple ways that REALLY work 

  1. Parent your thoughts
  2. Write out what’s actually happening
  3. Activate boundaries on negative input
  4. Affirm new neuropathways you want
  5. Laugh at your negative thoughts




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Kill them with kindness.

Hurt people hurt people.

Do whatever it takes to not let them steal your joy.

Pray for them, hope for good things in their life.

  1. The grump old man and the snow 
  2. Andrea’s question


3-Part Audio Workshop: Break the Cycle 

Attention high-achievers – I’m talking about my recovering perfectionists, go-getters, type-As – you have a dream life, but you don’t feel like you’re living the dream, right? On paper, you have it all. But at night, you feel anxiety bubble up within you. 

You might silence the anxiety with food, or wine, or online retail therapy; and it’s a habit, a cycle of self-sabotage you feel stuck in and ashamed of. You know you want to change what you’re doing, but you’ve tried to stop before and you just don’t know how to break the cycle.

Listen, I’ve been there. It’s the high-achievers shame-sabotage cycle and it’s a doozy. I wasted years trying to willpower my way to change. It didn’t work and I only felt more inadequate, more of an achievement imposter. 

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I listened to your podcast on negative people, and really appreciated it.  I was wondering if you have any suggestions for people who are just nasty and mean to you. Their is a family at our church that admit they don’t like mr and my family and take every opportunity to criticize and drag us down. I keep forgiving and giving them and the situation to God, but they just don’t stop. 

Any suggestions are appreciated. 

Have a blessed week,

Andrea Gamero

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