Podcast #431

How To See Yourself Differently Than You Do

I struggled for years with how I saw myself. If you’ve ready my book Insecurity Detox, you know that I had a season of my life where I had so much body image anxiety that I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror when I washed my hands. 
My struggle is not an uncommon one. In my years of coaching I have heard from hundreds of women that they struggle with something similar. 
It might express itself differently, but it’s the same core issue: not being able to see yourself for who you really are. 
That’s why I had to do an entire podcast episode on this topic, to help you start to see yourself for how amazing you are. In the show I’ll share with you what I did to start changing, the kinds of prayers I prayed to God in the process and how to start the process of seeing yourself differently as well. 
If I can change how I see myself, I know you can too. The first place to start changing is by listening to the podcast episode — > www.trishblackwell.com/431

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about: 

  • How to start seeing yourself how others see you
  • The difference between You 1.0 and You 2.0
  • A challenge that has the potential to completely change how you see yourself – that you can do today



Just some special love and deep gratitude your way for how you support the show. You are a small and mighty group and each and every one of your contributions feels like a big, warm, wiggle hug. Thank you.
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Guys, happy birthday to my beautiful 6-year-old Ellie.
(Ellie lu, LuEllen, Lucia, Ellen story)
Thank you to everyone still listening who remembers when I did this show before I had kids.
I often think about my life as before-being-a-mom, and after-being-a-mom. And today is that day that divides everything for me.
Happy 6th birthday to my beautiful Ellie! You are exquisitely kind, incredibly curious, courageously confident, attentively encouraging and delightfully creative. You being you makes everyone around you come alive. 
Thank you for expanding my heart and teaching me to look at life differently.



ShaneilB, Thank you Trish
Trish!!! I’m loving the podcasts. I used to spend my days being in my head, that negative self talk. I would think negative about anything that comes out of my mouth. This week I focus on saying, “well…anyways.” It’s going well so far. I feel so good about myself this week and I can’t wait to start jouranling and finish up the other episodes while practicing everything in my daily life. Thank you, thank you. 



“I wish you could see me the way I see you.”
-This is a beautiful, and frustrating statement.

How do you get past it? How do you go deeper? 

  1. Realize that people aren’t paying you lip service.
  2. Decide to stop being your own worst enemy.
  3. Make a list of what you bring to the table / why you rock.
  4. Find a way to celebrate / have gratitude for what you which you could change but can’t (ie body type, your past, etc.)
  5. Create space in your daily life to think and journal
  6. Ask God to help you see yourself how He sees you
  7. Be mindful of inputs
  8. Guard your heart from comparison and coveting.
  9. Commit to making gratitude a prioritized spiritual practice in your life
  10. Work with a coach 



Analyze and assess who you are.
-Your behaviors
-Your thoughts
-Your actions 
-Your excuses
-Your standards
Create a vision of who you want to become
-How you carry yourself
-How you live
-How you influence others
-How much money you back
-How you have relationships 
Envision and act.
-Visualize the you that you are becoming
-Do things differently
-Obsess about the small things 
-Slow down and take note of how you change
-Create a new circle of influence
-Cheer your new self on 



Nick and Joanie story at Caribou
You and me, coffee now.
Make me the bad guy.
Go ask 10 people to tell you 3 things about you.
It’s time to see yourself how others see you. 
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Attention high-achievers – I’m talking about my recovering perfectionists, go-getters, type-As – you have a dream life, but you don’t feel like you’re living the dream, right? On paper, you have it all. But at night, you feel anxiety bubble up within you. 
You might silence the anxiety with food, or wine, or online retail therapy; and it’s a habit, a cycle of self-sabotage you feel stuck in and ashamed of. You know you want to change what you’re doing, but you’ve tried to stop before and you just don’t know how to break the cycle.
Listen, I’ve been there. It’s the high-achievers shame-sabotage cycle and it’s a doozy. I wasted years trying to willpower my way to change. It didn’t work and I only felt more inadequate, more of an achievement imposter. 
To break the cycle you have to change the way you think, and in doing so, you’ll disrupt the way you act. And that’s where I come in. 
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Trish – I am so thankful that you don’t let others bring you down. Your podcast has been getting me through this very rough time



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