Podcast #429

Why You’re Not Doing What You Say You Want to Be Doing

You know what to do, so why aren’t you doing it? If you’ve ever been stuck in this cycle of being motivated to change, but not being able to get started or sustain new habits, you are not alone. This is a common struggle and there are a 3 things that are probably keeping you stuck. This episode will help you break the cycle of frustration.

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about: 

  • The 3 reasons you are not doing what you want to be doing
  • How to break the cycle of frustration 
  • Re-establishing your inner locus of self-respect and self-trust



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Let’s get you to 1K

Trish I discovered this podcast exactly a week ago. And I’ve been listening to you everyday, your voice is so soothing, your voice sounds so genuine. I’m writing this review not knowing what to say to you because there’s so much, but you said just write a review so others can be reached and touched by this podcast. I’ve recently started going to church again, I’m currently on the Daniel fast. So I truly believe it’s not a coincidence that I came across your podcast. Thank you for all of your teachings. I can’t wait to join the College of Confidence to learn more. Stay safe. Love Maritza. 


Note: Anyone Looking to Go Back to Church Here are My Favorite Online Church Communities:

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I “know” what to do, so why am I not doing it Trish? 

I get asked this all the time.

There are 3 main causes…

  1. You don’t think you’ll get the results.
  2. You don’t *know* that you are capable / you’re stuck in your own self-concept
  3. You don’t manage your mind as much as you manage your habits.

Build your confidence on a solid foundation and you will see breakthrough in your consistency and ability to show up for yourself. When you show up for yourself from a place of boldness and resilience, you *will* get results. 



Slow down.

Pick one of the causes – just one – and go deep into your self-coaching work to rewire how you’re thinking about it.

Sometimes, we have to take a risk and take action; proving to ourselves that our efforts are never wasted. 

Pray: ask God to show you who you really are. When we ask, He answers; but we must slow down and listen, because the answer is often in a whisper. Breakthrough happens in the quiet. 

Create structure to how you manage your mind. 



Often we aren’t doing what we say we want to do because our self-respect is tarnished.

If you don’t respect yourself, you won’t show up for yourself. The more you don’t show up for yourself, the more you will learn that you’re not worthy of trusting yourself; and the vicious cycle continues. 

The way out is to learn to love yourself.

Not through frou-frou self-love practices, because let’s be honest: you won’t do them consistently enough to get the results because well, you already struggle with consistency and you don’t think that they work anyways or that you have time.

We need to dial into a deeper self-love.

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I signed up for the COC last night and I’m super excited. Not just excited but I’m already impressed. I started the first course after the new member introduction course and I chose the one on self-sabotage because that is and has always been my #1 obstacle.

I want to THANK YOU, Trish, because this first module just made me open up in a very efficient way. It’s a 23 minute video and it led to a mental breakthrough. This is the first step that I needed to take. The video ended and I thought might as well do some journaling with Trish’s questions for the sake of completing the module. I literally thought I’ll write three bullet points for how I’m getting in my way and three bullet points for what would happen if I didnt.

Well let me tell you what happened. I wrote the first sentence and continued to write paragraphs and paragraphs of things that I didnt even know were inside me. It felt liberating and healing because it shed light to some uncomfortable feelings in my chest that I didnt know where they were coming from. It gave me answers. I found many ways that I self sabotage and realized the consequences were affecting me every day in my life, my every day routine, my every day time spent with my son, my relationship with my husband, with myself. Now I hope to figure out what to do about them and how to create a long-lasting transformation. 

I’m assuming you get this all the time but I want to do my part in telling you that 24 hrs in, after my first 23 minute video, I’m just so grateful for your work, I’m so SO glad that YOU got over your stuff and were able to share your gift with the rest of us. And I’m glad I came across your podcast a month ago or so which is how i learned about COC.

I’m eager to keep on this journey! Thank you again for having taken the time to create this program.

Best, L

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