Podcast #428

How to Not Feel Like You’re Falling Behind In Life

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about: 

  1. Why you feel you’re falling behind in life
  2. Why you’re not behind, even if you feel like you are
  3. The 4 imperative stages of how to reframe your thoughts about being behind
  4. 10 simple thought habits to ditch the feeling of feeling behind



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The Complete Package!, 5-Stars

I first started listening to Trish’s podcasts a little over a year ago. I cannot tell you how much it has positively changed my life! Trish has taught me how to have a more confident mindset and she does it with the ease and love of a best friend. She sprinkles in messages of faith and God to make this podcast unlike any other.  I am still working o my confidence and my fear of what others think, but I am lightyears ahead of where I was before I found her. I recognize this as a life-long journey, on that I am CONFIDENT I will progress through with more and more peace. Thank you Trish for all your love, your wisdom, your faith, your honesty, and for just being so dang amazing. 

Falling behind in life motivation



You are where you need to be.

In order to get to where we want to go, there are lessons in which we must grow.

You might be circling the same spot because you are stubbornly refusing the lessons. Or perhaps because the lesson is patience, perseverance and presence. But you’re not falling behind in life. Life is not measuring you.

What is “behind” anyway?

Who are you comparing to?

Is what you think is “ahead” really actually better?

It’s important to look at your flawed belief system:

  1. Most of the time we assume that those “ahead” of us are happier than us, more confident than us, more worthy / valuable than us.
  2. One of the most courageous things you can do is to be honest with yourself about flawed thinking 
  3. What are you assuming will be easier about your life once you get “there” or have “that’?
  4. Happiness and worth isn’t something we chase, because you can’t chase what you already have access to –> you have to shift what you’re looking at and look through a new lens



Get Honest About Where You Are.

Stop running from the truth.

Stop twisting the truth.

Most people want to start where they want to end without even starting. And then they’re jealous of people who are where they want to be without having done any of the work. Grow where you want to go. 

Get Brutal About Whose Opinion Matters

What timeline are you following? 

What does it mean to actually be behind in life?

Says who? 

Get Focused on Massive Gratitude

If you’re growing, you’re going, and if you’re going you can feel gratitude.

Take something from everywhere you are and have been.

Look for the lessons you needed in each place

Get Committed to Massive Action 

Massive action on a daily and simple basis

Know your priorities versus your preferences

Be willing to do something different than you’ve ever done

Put some skin in the game and commit at a new level for yourself 


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  1. Live your own life, not that of others.
  2. Be present-focused, not future-longing.
  3. Minimize comparative inputs with boundaries and structure
  4. Start your day by managing your mindset
  5. Finish your day by reviewing your wins
  6. Ground yourself in grace, growth and gratitude
  7. Go embarrass yourself: be willing to go all in on life; you might be feeling stagnant because you’re afraid to make any moves or take any risks. It’s time for a new approach
  8. You can’t talk yourself out of not caring, you have to act yourself into not caring.
  9. Create life-giving affirmations
  10. Make every day a special occasion – release the finish line and make today a beautiful gift; there will be nothing to be “behind” about


Sample affirmations for not feeling behind:

I am so grateful that I’m where I am supposed to be and today I celebrate the growth that I will experience that will take me where I am going to go next.  

  1. “I walk in peace, not overwhelm and I will always get done what needs to get done. I release the rest and I live in a place of spaciousness.”
  2. My love for people will win over my pride, my irritation, my selfish focus, for my love is not from me, it is from the Holy Spirit’s power within me.
  3. I live in abundant joy, fueled by the unfailing love of God and the overflow of my joy awakened joy in the hearts of others. I am where I need to be today. 
  4. I walk in a spacious place, joyful, lacking nothing and fulfilled from deep within my soul today and I love other with purposeful connection. 
  5. God’s unfailing love is lavished upon my life, filling me with favor, justice, wisdom and care.
  6. I walk in the flow of the Lord’s unfailing love. It courses through my life and brings with it wisdom, loyalty, good judgement, kindness and favor.

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Successful living comes from being good at feeling and at failing. This course will explore how to be good at both, since they are concepts deeply entwined together in our thoughts. Your thoughts drive your feelings, and so, even though feelings can feel overwhelming, mystic and uncontrollable, we can actually learn how to fully feel and manage our feelings by learning how to manage our thoughts around our feelings. The inability to feel feelings contributes immensely to insecurity, self-sabotage, anxiety, overwhelm and depression. This course will give you the tools you need to bravely be with your heart and your feelings.

Module 1:

Feeling Feelings: The Process


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Module 2:

Our Default Patterns with Feelings


In this module, you’ll explore what you’ve been taught about feelings, and gain understanding to why you might sometimes avoid feelings, disregard them or not process them fully and powerfully. Most of us have never been taught how to feel our feelings, and often we’ve been encouraged not to feel them. You’ll learn how to let go of what you were taught so that you can step fully into something new and freeing. 

Module 3: 

Creating a New Norm with Feelings


In this module, you’ll learn how to reframe your thoughts to create a new norm with your feelings and with how you process your feelings. This coaching section will give you tools and a framework around which to build time to think and feel, even in a life with a busy schedule. As you learn to create new patterns around how you feel, and as you intentionally create time to feel in your day-to-day life, you’ll learn how feeling your feelings can be a life-giving and sustainable way of life. 

Module 4:

Mastering Your Relationship with Feelings


In this module, you’ll learn how to take full ownership of your relationship with your feelings and with your thoughts. Your feelings are not the boss of you, you are the boss of your thoughts, and your thoughts drive your feelings. As you master your mindset, you will also master knowing which feelings to give space to and which ones to let pass through you. As you close out this course, you’ll see how this new relationship with your feelings really does empower you to learn something from everything you feel. 

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