Podcast #426

Never Second Guess Yourself Again

You can learn how to never second guess yourself again when you learn how to manage the whirlwind of thoughts that swirl through your mind on a daily basis. In this episode of The Confidence podcast, we’re talking about Mind Drama, Second-Guessing Yourself and Self-Coaching yourself out of the second-guessing spiral.

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about: 

  • Why we second-guess ourselves and what it means
  • The mind drama that goes on behind the scenes of the second-guessing
  • 10 ways to never second guess yourself again (and one mega bonus thought)


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Highly recommend!!!! 5 Stars v.AlissaI’ve listened to various podcasts and Ted talks about confidence and mental strength but this is by far the best! Trish’s words are encouraging, motivating, and comforting, and if you practice what she teaches you’ll realize how real they are. I have become my most confident, authentic self since discovering this podcast and I can’t wait to continue my mental healthy journey with Trish as my guide. Keep it up Trish, you are a God send! 


Never second guess yourself 



Mind drama: it will always happen, but you don’t always have to get sucked into it.  Second Guessing:Happens when we don’t trust ourselves.Happens when we experience the phenomenon of mind drama  What is mind drama:Ping-pong conversations with yourself.The knot of thoughts that you unravel only to find knotted again.Needing to reset your thoughts over and over Mind drama is normal:Managing your mind is part of living a highly effective lifeYou aren’t failing if you need to reset and realign your thoughtsIt’s normal to need to set your mindWe’ll always have resistance pushing in on us  Why We Second-Guess Ourselves in the First Place:We think the mind drama means we’re out of controlWe’re too attached to old identities (like we don’t follow through)We have thorns of perfectionism still clinging to us (the desire for all circumstances to be just right) We care too much what people think



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How to Self-Coach Yourself Through Mind Drama:

Make time and create space.Use pen and paper.Talk to yourself out loud.Peel back what you’re really thinking and what it meansDetermine what you are believing Create a new dialogue with yourself about being your own coach Go back to an affirmation

10 Ways to Never Second Guess Yourself Again:

  1. Rebuild your self-trust. 
  2. Notice and replace thoughts throughout the day. 
  3. Embrace risk-taking. 
  4. Commit to a growth mindset. 
  5. Rewire your brain for self-compassion.
  6. Start before you feel ready.
  7. Self-identify with massive action taking. 
  8. Celebrate pivots, adventure, and chapters.
  9. Ditch caring what people think.
  10. Pursue excellence and progression, not perfection. 

Most importantly – ditch second-guessing by simply knowing that there will always be a risk, but that ultimately, everything is figureoutable. 



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