Words To Create A Beautiful Year

Podcast #423 – Bonus Episode

This is a special bonus episode brought to you by the College of Confidence.

We are the most encouraging place on the internet – and the joy and support just overflows. I couldn’t help but give you a good Word to fill you this January first.

Today is a day of possibilities.

Today is a day to reconsider your self-concept.

Today is a day to step into who you are becoming.

It is my passion to help set people free from self-doubt, small-thinking and self-sabotage – press in this year and possess this promised land of confidence and joy, peace and goodness for yourself.



We’re launching the #100ConfidentDays Challenge in the College of Confidence

Confidence is birthed and strengthened from action, not from feelings. 

You won’t wait to feel confident to take action – you take action and then you’ll feel confident. And this will help you create a beautiful year.

The challenge will show you just how much can change when you show up daily for yourself and you train your confidence intentionally. The goal is that by day #100 you will see that you confidence has doubled. 



Join the College of Confidence to join the #100ConfidentDays Challenge here —> www.collegeofconfidence.com

So, my gift to you is a 5-minute meditation with me – this is what I listen to every morning, and I invite you to save the episode for yourself to do the same. Stand firm in the truth – for the fight for your faith — which happens in the battlefield of your mind — is the most important fight you will fight every single day. These affirmations will help you to create a beautiful year.

Get the meditation MP3 and full workbook at www.trishblackwell.com/meditations

Watch the longer meditations video on YouTube at


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