How to Change the Way You Think

Podcast #420

You don’t have to think the way you have always thought. In fact, our brains are wired to change and think differently when the right neurological strategies are applied. This podcast episode will help you intentionally think about how to change the way you think. No longer will you feel stuck in old thought patterns once you know how to intentionally change the way you think and train your thoughts. Get the full show notes at

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about:

  1. Why we get stuck in old thinking patterns
  2. The differences between positive thinking and powerful thinking
  3. How to change the way you think



Love this podcast! 5-Stars. Willow_Lee

I began listening to The Confidence Podcast earlier this year and am incredibly grateful for the joy, peace and confidence I feel after listening to each podcast. Trish, you are a rockstar of an encourager and this world is lucky to have your passion and wisdom pouring into it. The way you guide using God’s Word is incredibly refreshing and uplifting. Even in the short months since I discovered your podcast, you have taught me to better love myself and to show up for myself and all that God has planned for me. Trish, thank you for leading by example, for showing up, and for using your talents and experience to lift others up with you.

How to change the way you think

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We haven’t considered another way.

We think changing is too hard, or won’t work.

We don’t know other people who have transformed.

We are stuck in distraction and stagnancy.

We haven’t been challenged to rise to living life to the fullest.

We are intimidated by the emotions surrounding thinking.

We have self-identified as a hot-mess or a sub-standard self-concept.

We have a disorganized life, and therefore a disorganized mind. 

We believe that we can’t change the way we think, when that is not true.

I will have to give an account for my life – and for my stewardship of what I have been given or what has been within my control. This inspires me and challenges me. 

Old thinking – and an attachment to old thinking (“this is just how I think,” “this is just how I have always been,” “this is just what everyone I know thinks”) – is rooted in a pattern that once kept us protected. 

But what once protected us temporarily can harm us long-term and keep us from our potential. These concepts grow mold and layers of dust telling us messages of






To start this process, we first must come courageously face to face with our emotions and let ourselves FEEL.

The Feeling Tunnel 

start, middle and end of feeling. 

Feel whatever it is, and then move past it – telling yourself what you are in agreement with and what you are committed to making happen. 



I don’t want you to be a positive thinker, I want you to be a powerful thinker.

Mindset Mantra:

I am more than just a positive thinker, I am a powerful thinker.

Journaling Prompts for Powerful Thinking:

  1. The more I become aware of my thoughts, the more power I have over them. These are some thoughts that I have felt stirring in the back of my mind but haven’t yet slowed down to really think about them…
  2. If I think about my future through an identity lens of being a powerful thinker, what can I now see is possible that I haven’t believed was possible before?



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Remember: don’t just tell yourself to think positively. Instead of positive thinking, I want you to tell yourself that you are a POWERFUL thinker. A positive thinker hopes for a good outcome. A powerful thinker KNOWS they will have a good outcome. A positive thinker still doesn’t feel like they have control. A powerful thinker KNOWS that they have control because they know that their thoughts create results.



  1. Know that it’s possible.
  2. Journal daily as a spiritual discipline.
  3. Practice brain flexibility.
  4. Commit to daily self-coaching.
  5. Get a coach to call you to a higher standard.
  6. Track your changes and shifts.
  7. Tell someone else that you are changing your self-concept

As a reminder: 

You are confident. You are capable. You are called.



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Hey Trish,

I just wanted to share an experience that I had last week in which I was able to clearly see the progress I’ve made thanks to your podcasts and COC. While I’m not in the COC currently, the lessons and skills learned there and from your weekly podcasts are invaluable! I was up for a promotion at work and it got to the part where my boss was negotiating my raise. The old me would’ve accepted whatever was offered and thought, “that must be what I’m worth.” The new “Trish-infused” me thought, I’m going for it! My boss was starting low, as negotiations do, and he wouldn’t budge. So I held fast and told him that if I’m not worth the investment, I’ll pass on the job. He said he needed to chat with the powers that be. He called me back not 30 seconds later and agreed to the number I had countered with! When we hung up, I was so proud of myself for having that difficult conversation. Thank you for the work you do and the support you provide to all who are blessed enough to find you! God bless you, Trish! 

-Lisa G. 

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