How to Stop Feeling Like You Have So Much to Do

Podcast #416

Do you always feel like you have so much to do? Are you living in a state of exhaustion, overwhelm, and feeling like you can never quite catch up? Y’all, this is the state of the world right now – and it’s killing our spirits and squashing our confidence and courage without us realizing what’s happening. You are doing better than you think you are, and this podcast coaching session is going to help you learn how to change what you say to yourself so that you feel empowered and unstoppable, not defeated and discouraged. 

Ya’ll. Can we talk about being more calm? I don’t know about you, but I want to live at the pace of Jesus. I want a slow, beautiful, cultivated life. Not a chaotic, frantic, fly-by-the-seat of my pants kind of life.

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about:

  • What saying “I have so much to do” is actually doing to your heart
  • What to say back to yourself when you hear yourself say “I have so much to do”
  • What you can do now to start radically changing how you feel (10 things you can do!)

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Have so much to do

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I listen to this podcast every morning while I get ready for work. It really sets the tone for the rest of my day and makes me feel unstoppable! Trish has inspired me with so much, most recently being my eBook I published on Amazon, The Legend of Ollie Daniels. Thank you Trish! 


Have too much to do



“I have so much to do” = victim minded statement

  1. It preemptively creates defeat, and overwhelm.
  2. It talks about your mountain, instead of talking to your mountain.
  3. It creates competing demands, exhausts you mentally and emotionally and emphasizes scarcity in your life. 
  4. It makes you feel stretched thin and without power.  

Realize that it’s not the task or the list that you’re avoiding, it’s the uncomfortable feelings that come from it. Or, it’s the missing motivation to do what you technically want to do. Don’t wait for the motivation – do the thing and the motivation will come. 

Fundamentally, having too much to do crushes your spirit and makes you feel a sense of pointlessness. 



Mountain, move.

Mountain, I’ve got you.

Trish, just do the next right thing.

Trish, create a small win.

I am confident, courageous and capable.

I can do hard things.

I will create order and take action.

I am a doer and I am not intimidated by what is ahead.

My job is to be faithful to what I can do, and to release what I can’t. 

My job today is to learn, to love, and to live well.

My job is to work hard and work hard to rest well. 



  1. Stop expecting yourself to be able to do it all right now
  2. Pick a high impact task to start focusing on
  3. Know which glasses are glass and which ones are rubber
  4. Watch your words
  5. Remind yourself that you can do hard things
  6. Rest in knowing that you will have the strength you need for tomorrow tomorrow – and so you can stay intentionally at peace today with the strength that you do have
  7. Practice letting go with a smile
  8. Be fully and radically present
  9. Create more zen habits and some cozy in your life
  10. Pay attention to why you’re driven to do more — is it achievement pressure or it is people pleasing?


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Hi Trish!

I am Ophelia, an introvert blogger from Ghana, West Africa addicted to positivity and winning battles of the mind.

I came across your podcast and I must say, I love it! I recently decided to overcome my problem of confidence despite the great potential I have. I am usually focused on making others feel better and your podcast which is also woven with the Word of God is a must listen to!

Just want to let you know you are doing great!

Stay safe!


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