20 Good Things About 2020

Podcast #405

2020 is a year where your mindset – and your perspective – will make or break you; this podcast episode will help you have a winning perspective about what might be the most challenging year of all of our lives. Here are 20 good things about 2020 that you can apply to your life too. These 20 good things about 2020 will help you stay persistent, powerful, and filled with peace as we continue in the year. This just might change your perspective about everything. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/405

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re diving into a chat about:

  • The power of perspective – no matter your circumstances
  • 20 good things – for real – about 2020 
  • How our feelings follow our thoughts – and how to train our thoughts



Answered Prayer – 5 starts, by ItsMeBrittV

I had been kept awake the night before a HUGE event/opportunity for me because of my own anxiety and insecurities. I stopped in the midst of the spiral and prayed for help overcoming my own self doubt. I’ve always let my fear steal my joy in BIG moments. The next morning as I was getting ready for the day, something told me to search “Confidence” in podcasts … and BAM. Here you were. A literal answer to prayer. Thank you for walking faithfully in your calling. 

good things about 2020 motivation



  1. Slowing Down and Simplifying Life: less rushing, more presence
  2. Stripping of busyness and distraction
  3. Increased dependence on God – a requirement of faith reintroduced into common conversation
  4. Closer connections with community – they are your connection, lifeline, and experience
  5. Deeper sense of gratitude for basics and the people who serve on the front line of life
  6. Technology, where it is and how it has pivoted to keep us connected – and how it will change and give us options we never imagined as a result in the future
  7. Medical advances; we live in 2020, not 1820, and we have millions of medical workers around the world united in solving a pandemic
  8. Divisions that ignited unity and much-needed conversations about civil rights
  9. Reawakened appreciation for how we need one another, we need touch and we need small community interactions 
  10. Advanced and widespread access of education, online courses, virtual therapy – no longer are there barriers (time, cost, lack of access) to many life-changing resources — this is a year of personal development and growth 
  11. Decreased stigma for the need of mental wellness and conversations about depression, anxiety, addiction, and the like.
  12. More personal understanding for what matters and what doesn’t – what to spend your money, time and energy on, and what not to – how to let go of the little things
  13. Personalized appreciation for access to food
  14. Renewed gratitude for cleaning products, clean water, and basic human necessities 
  15. Higher call to showing up in life for our purpose and to make a difference — life is short, and we are all intimately aware of this
  16. Deep appreciation for travel and freedom – the gift of missing what has been removed from what was previously normal 
  17. New sense of wonder and awe for large gatherings – sports, music, theatre, festivals, etc.: we won’t take this for granted
  18. Opportunity to try on new things – new style, new goals, new pace of life, etc. – this can be a reset year we have needed and never dreamed to ask for 
  19. Extreme character growth: this is the bootcamp of perseverance, patience, compassion, hope, trust, being in place
  20. More intimate relationships with close friends and family – the connection of going through something separate, yet together 




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Thought tracing –

Feelings lead to emotions – and we need to have the space to process and feel emotions, but we get to choose to not stay stuck in an emotion. The statement “this is just how I feel,” or “I can’t help it, I feel _____” can be a victim statement if we refuse to do the thought work to work through itThoughts lead to feelings, so peel back the emotions and start to think about what you are actually thinking about.

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My name is Rochelle and I just wanted to let you know how your podcast has impacted me. I started listening about two weeks ago and I must say I have been nothing but inspired ever since. I had always dreamed of being a positive influence on those around me and using the wisdom that God has given me from my past mistakes to empower other women. When I started listening to your podcast I felt like God had lead me to a living example of every desire he had placed in my heart. I signed up for the confidence boost (on my work e-mail rwilson@salemcs.org) and ordered your book Insecurity Detox. Then I took your advice and took a risk and started my own blog! I was extremely proud of myself for taking the initiative even though I was still afraid. I know God is in control and I am fully allowing him to have his way. I’ve been continuing to recommend your podcast to others and I’m about to write a review on iTunes right now lol! Continue to speak life to the dreamers and allowing others to see what God is able to do when you partner with him!
Be Blessed!
Rochelle Wilson

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