How to Be Confident in Your Relationships

Podcast #403

Being confident in relationships is a manifestation of small, daily habits that everyone can do. Confidence will increase the quality of communication and connection you have with others. This podcast episode will dive into how to be strong, contributing, and confident as a partner in your relationships, how to date with confidence and how to be in a relationship that leaves a legacy. Get the full show notes at

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about: 

  • Validating yourself in relationships – without being co-dependent
  • Trusting people, being vulnerable and putting yourself out there
  • How to have more intimacy – and confidence – in your connection with your partner

This all stemmed from some College of Confidence members who wanted to know more about how to validate yourself in relationships without relying on other’s affirmations to make you feel secure.

A relationship is a connection, but to have deep relationships, we have to be vulnerable. We have to take risks. 


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Loveeee –  5 Stars
by Mayeita
Wow! I was looking for a podcast to seriously help my confidence and change my perspective on the world and I’m so happy I came across this. I love her and her positivity and how helpful every little sentence in the podcast is! I’ve sent it to friends and family and they love it as well. Thank you! I’ve changed and learned so much! 



If you’re a word of affirmation person, this almost seems like a contradiction, but I promise you, it’s possible.

You must be willing to be yourself -and to be honest.

1. Know yourself. Be yourself.

2. Have confidence about what you bring to the relationship.

3. Give yourself confidence – through journaling, through taking action, through coaching, through spending time with God, through challenging yourself, etc.

4. Ask for what you need – and be honest about how compliments encourage you.
I spoon fed my husband what he needs to say to encourage me.

How did I figure it out? I had to first know what I needed. 

All relationships need time together and time apart.

Allow one another to go do their own thing – to fill their bucket, and then also prioritize filling your bucket as a couple.

Make your relationships baseline foundation open communication.

Communicate about everything – the more you communicate, the more confidence you will have. Be patient though, every partnership communicates differently. 

Be willing to be emotionally brave – to talk about uncomfortable things.

  • Do you want a better sex life? Talk about it, it detail. Explore it together and be honest.
  • Do you want more intimacy? Let your partner know ways to connect in this way – and that you are feeling disconnected.
  • Do you want an unbreakable marriage? Put your marriage first. Make it your top priority.

And, ya’ll, be ready to not only be on the communicating end of this but also the receiving end. At times, this will not just be hard but will hurt. Brandon recently said he missed me – he is often the one who points out that we are living side-by-side instead of intertwined together. I so badly want to brush it off, but he craves quality time – and it matters to make that my top priority. 



It’s not comfortable, but it’s worth it.

You’re always going to feel a little awkward.

No risk, no reward.

Vulnerability is confidence and confidence is sexy.

Be the person who pursues your partner’s heart – be the person willing to be all-in.

Be honest about what you want – and about your boundaries.

The world is lonely, stop creating and perpetuating your own loneliness.Take action. Make connections. Be emotionally bold. 



Intimacy is connection – not necessarily sex – just anything that makes you feel understood, heard, and like you belong. It is what we crave in relationship; it affirms our place and makes us feel at home.

1. Make quality time together, a priority.

2. Create little traditions.

3. Never stop doing the little things.

4. Prioritize dates.

5. Be best friends.

6. Speak to each other’s highest potential.

7. Serve and try to out love one another.

8. Encourage the other’s confidence.



Look, if you’ve been listening for the past 7.5 years, or shoot, even just the past year, and have seen changes in your life, it’s time to make those changes even deeper. 

Ready to go next-level in your mental happiness, inner confidence, and courage? Your next step is to become a member of the College of Confidence. Join here >>>



I have been a listener of your podcasts for maybe a month or so now.  I “found” you (we both know God led me to you) when I was searching for podcasts on confidence building.  You have become a part of my daily morning and evening commutes.  I start my day with Coffee and Trish, what a great combo!  I can’t imagine a day now where I go into work and start the day without having your calming presence prepare me first.  Your voice is loving and soothing like a warm hug for my heart.  Your words are wise beyond years and the way you interweave your faith is just the right mix of amazing.  I will become a College of Confidence member soon, so that I man benefit on an even larger scale from your guidance and coaching.  Thank you for all you do, thank you for being you.
Lisa G

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