Health Anxiety? Here’s How to Stay Calm and Confident.

Podcast #402

Health anxiety or medical angst is a real thing, and it’s becoming even more anxiety-evoking in the age of a pandemic.  There are ways, simple ways, to stay calm and confident when you might otherwise spiral into health anxiety and medical worst-case scenarios. This podcast episode will give you tactical tools on how to have confidence in the face of health anxiety. Get the full show notes at

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about: 

  • My own story of health anxiety – and how I learned to change the voice
  • How to overcome health anxiety and the “what if’s” of medical angst
  • 5 things that will help you persevere as this pandemic continues



Leira 🙂 Your one stop for confidence growth – 5 Stars.

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I came across this podcast almost a month ago and I have not stopped listening to and consuming content from Trish and the College of Confidence. My life has changed for the better. I feel motivated and the positivity is so contagious. Thank you Trish for the incredible content you put out for us every week. Cheers for the next 400! I love this! 
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I used to be paralyzed by health anxiety. 

-I was terrified of HIV as a kid (sperm, orange juice story), germaphobe

-I was self-perpetuating my own mental health when I was young, and then even more as an adolescent when I did have mental health challenges

But I learned to change the narrative:

 Shortness of Breath Story.

Baker’s Endless Surgeries. 

Health anxiety is perpetuated by stressful circumstances – and y’all, 2020 is stressful. 



  • Talkback to the “what if’s” with “what if it doesn’t’s”
  • Determine to keep your thoughts in the present – don’s lose today over what-ifs about tomorrow
  • Eliminate the spirit of complaint from your heart. Complaining constricts confidence. 
  • Expectant faith – God, I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do.
  • Go into a place of gratitude for modern medicine
  • Don’t give pain the place of reign in your heart —- the fear of pain doesn’t have to cause you pain in the current moment
  • Know where you’re going when you die – think bigger picture than earth – this will give you peace about whatever worst-case scenario you might be fearful of.
  • Work with a therapist or a coach (and let’s talk about the differences, shall we?) 



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1.  This too shall pass. It will end. You can do hard things. 
2.  What is 2020 giving you that you would not have otherwise had? Get grateful and focused. 
3.  Be a blessing to others. Let’s have real talk, deep conversations, and do kind things. 
4.  Make 2020 a stepping stool.  You are above it, not below it – so use this as your boost. 
5.  Celebrate simplicity and incorporate variety. Be present, scroll less, be creative, and live simply. 



Look, if you’ve been listening for the past 7.5 years, or shoot, even just the past year, and have seen changes in your life, it’s time to make those changes even deeper. 

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Good morning Trish. I just want to message you directly to say your podcasts are absolutely amazing! I have listened to you for the past month and I feel so much more confident and happier. My work is quite stressful especially around COVID (I’m a nurse). I listened to your podcast and I feel like a different person. Thank you so much. -Ruth Horne

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