How to Be Someone Who Oozes ConfidencePodcast #401

Confidence is something you can grow and strengthen, so becoming someone who oozes confidence is something that is available to you. When you have confidence that oozes over, it will invite people in, open doors in your life, and most importantly, pave your path with peace and power as you live out being your brightest and best self. You were created to be bright in this world – to rise above average and do something great – and getting your confidence to a state of the overflow will help you get there. Get the full show notes at

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re taking our confidence to the next level. 

  • The truth about my “oozing confidence”
  • We’re going to be talking about 10 ways to take your confidence to the next level
  • Something to give you confidence when the world feels so uncertain
  • How to be someone who can ooze confidence


400 episodes and my go-to. 5-Starts.

by Nurse Rainbow Sparkles

Thank you for 400 incredible episodes now! I hope you’re celebrating with lots of bubbles and very celebratory “champagne moments,” as any prosecco-loving Francophile should! Your voice is my favorite in the self-enrichment sphere: science-supported methods to change your thoughts and actual brain neural pathways, but practically delivered for implementation. I am a newer nurse working nights and when I get behind at 3 am and can feel myself on the verge of a breakdown and completely unraveling, I am choosing better thoughts (like “forward is a pace,” and “I can do hard things,” two fav Trish Blackwell-isms.) These are times I’m very tempted to beat myself up, and then go home analyzing all of the things I didn’t do perfectly or even ideally or fast enough over the long night shift. (Or the self-judgment from the exhaustion and lack of “perfection” in my energy levels and task-oriented effectiveness lately at home) I always go to your podcast when I need positive insight and something encouraging – the perfect pairing for my walk with the dogs. Just – thank you, Trish! Congratulations on 400 episodes! Your words and insight mean so much to me and my brain. 

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Ok, the truth?

It takes effort.

It’s a choice, and also a trained default habit — so the work you put in does in fact have a cumulative effect.


1. BEYOU365Be yourself all the time, every day. Strive for consistency and transparency.

2. BOBABe obsessed or be average. – Grant CardoneWhat is it that you want in life? Go all in. Stop playing small. God didn’t make you be average. Care about something so much that you don’t care as much about all the noise.

3. Be Kind.Be kind to yourself. Be kind to one another.

4. Be consistent.Consistency is sexy – and not common. Be uncommon.

5. Be in control of what you can control.Control your environment, your thoughts, and your actions. Know what you can control and know what you can’t control. Let go of what you can’t and stop wasting your focus on it.

6. Be disciplined about your distractions.Create boundaries and have high standards for yourself. There’s nothing healthy that happens on social media after 9 PM.

7. Be different.The people who change the world – and who shine bright – are different. We crave that but are so afraid to be the oddball out. Stop contradicting yourself

8. Be alive.Don’t settle for living life just going through the motions. What would it take to give your life a pop?! How can you have more fun? Take things less seriously? Slow down, laugh, connect, be human, engage?

9. Be emotionally courageous.Have honest conversations. Think about what you think about it. Journal and work to understand your emotions, thoughts, and feelings so you can be congruent.

10. Be risk-seeking.It’s impossible for you to fail if you refuse to quit. Be in it for the long game; resist instant gratification. Perfectionists and procrastinators lie to themselves in order to avoid taking a risk.

These things can seem simple, but they can have massive impact when you become someone who will ooze confidence.


I’m working right now behind the scenes on our next COC course, called Turning Your Struggles into Strengths.

Trust the Maker.

There are gifts that come in uncertainty – in facing the unknown with confidence…

What I know to be true is that joy comes in all circumstances. We can walk in promise and provision, even in the wilderness. God is with us, before us, beside us and behind us. We are not alone. The pressing of our faith creates the purest outflow of oil. When we are uncertain we can be certain that we can walk through anything – God will strengthen us. Releasing our need to know and our desire for control catapults us into a place of peace. Just knowing that can lead you to be someone who oozes confidence in an instant.


Look, if you’ve been listening for the past 7.5 years, or shoot, even just the past year, and have seen changes in your life, it’s time to make those changes even deeper.

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I’ve never felt compelled to reply to a mass email before today. In fact, I usually scan and/or delete most email newsletters because I can’t be bothered. But the subject line of your email hit me. I’ve really been struggling with my faith and even the existence of God in the universe. I’ve been dealt some tough blows recently and I’ve just been questioning everything. Y’all about feeling alone and hopeless. And then I read the newsletter. I cried.  The idea of feeling God in the wind is so beautiful. I can’t wait to put my arms out in the wind and feel hugged.
 Thank you for your outlook on the wind. I appreciate it. Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend
Leslie Kuny

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