Money Does Grow on Trees
Podcast #399

The scarcity mindset destroys our ability to thrive and keeps us locked into fears of limitations and fear. If you ever grew up hearing “money doesn’t grow on trees,” then this episode was created especially for you. We’re flipping that. concept upside down and on its head to help you reframe your money mindset. It’s to confidently think with an abundance mindset. This is your first step – it’s time to plant a money tree. Because money really does grow on trees. Get the full show notes at

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’ll be covering:

  • The Money Tree Project: How I planted one and what I’m teaching my daughter about money
  • Reframing scarcity into abundance
  • How to see that money does grow on trees
  • How to 10X your future through higher-quality thinking


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This podcast is like having a therapist at the tap of a button!! Wonderful! – 5 Starsby jake the man the legend.

Trish, Thank you so much for doing this podcast. I have absolutely loved it. The encouragement that you provide is the voice that I need to hear! I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time and made some incredible gains lately. I started experiencing some anxiety again and then stumbled upon your podcast in the iTunes store. The power of training my thoughts is something that I no longer take lightly! My confidence continues to grow. each time that I listen and act upon your episode. I am focused on the victories and building myself up as I pursue my dreams of being a PT! I so appreciate you doing this and look forward to a new episode every week. Thank you!!!

Money grows on trees


Listen, most of us heard this limiting statement: “money doesn’t grow on trees” but it does. In fact, you’ll learn just how money does grow on trees.

My experiment with Ellie: we planted a money tree.

And you can too!

Click here to watch the video. 

does money grow on trees

Click here to check out Ellie’s Snail Mail Lemonade website, the work of. a 5-year-old entrepreneur who believes in money trees.

Here’s why Money Trees does grow on trees:
-We can create our own opportunities
-We can make something come from nothing
-We have to believe something is out there in order to step into it


There’s nothing wrong with the lessons our parents taught us; but if you want to break generational limitations, you’re the girl for the job.

What if they’re wrong.

What if you’re right?

I felt wrong for believing big for years when it comes to financial freedom. 

Was it greedy?

Was it wrong?

Was I just dreaming?

Was I setting myself up for ridiculous disappointment?

  • But, the more psychology I’ve studied and the more I’ve learned about the limitlessness of God – and the limited, small thinking of my own mind, the more I realized that I was made for me.
  • The money tree concept — and the concept of abundance itself, is an act of faith.
  • We access only that which we believe is possible.
  • Knowing that something is available and that most people won’t go all in for it, means that, if we’re willing to put in 10X effort, then we can have confidence that we can go get it, we can open invisible doors, we can detox the pity-party subvocalization and victim mindset — and nothing is off-limits. Period.
  • The reality is that we can afford anything that we want to. (Sales example – truck drivers, etc).
  • And the reality that we can all embrace is that money does grow on trees.

Book Reference:

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, by Grant Cardone

Amazon Link:

We cannot experience something unless we first believe it is possible.

  • Joyce Meyers said that God’s economy is different than the worlds’ … the world tells us to believe what we see, and God specializes in making what we believe being able to be seen. 
  • I honestly believe that God invites us to believe big. Yes, in our finances, but in all areas of our lives.
  • Stretching yourself – and believing for more – even if it’s invisible – isn’t selfish, it actually serves the world if your intentions are to do good with the growth you experience. 

For me to belive in abundance as real truth I’ve had to:

-trust beyond God’s provision and see myself living in His lavish goodness

– the goodness that is promised over and over

-resist the fear-based thoughts (the what-ifs) that creep in every single day

-commit to working on my thoughts with the 10x factor (if I want something different than ever before, or than most people have, then I need to put out 10x the effort and attention than I’ve done in the past or other people typically do) 

-be willing to go 10X in on my effort and learn to depersonalize setbacks, rejections, etc.

-intentionally neurologically rewrite what I believe about money (thus, the money tree experiment) and call myself out for the times when I am falling back into old, lazy thinking

Questions to Stretch Your Abundance Mindset:

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, then you’re on your way to walking in abundance.

  • I have confidence that everything will work out.
  • I believe that there is more than enough opportunity, time, growth, etc not just for me, but for everyone.
  • I know that I can be stretched even more in the space of abundance and joy.
  • I trust that I can create opportunities and find invisible doors.
  • I put boundaries around the dream killers, negative Nellys, complainers, and small thinkers in my life.
  • I intentionally think on what could be possible and what could go right instead of what could go wrong. 
  • I believe that money trees grow and thrive, and that I am planting one too.


1. Detox your life from people who focus on lack.
2. Think about what you think about . 
3. Set your “abundance” dreams 10x higher than you are comfortable setting them.
4. Start asking for what you want, with your whole objective to simply increase your internal boldness.
5. Get a lens of gratitude – look at how much you are given, get into the wonderful weeds of the details of how blessed you are. 


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I’m going to end today’s show with what we tell our kids:

You will never be alone and you will always be loved. 

Y’all, loneliness is a real thing.

Feeling on the outside plows your soul.

Thinking that no one cares about makes life feel entirely too big to handle.

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