How to Believe You’re Smart Enough

Podcast #398

Having confidence in your intelligence has nothing to do with how “smart” you are and everything to do with how you think about yourself and your brain. When you embrace a mindset of being a lifelong learner, reestablish your relationship with failure and stop worrying about what people think, you can learn to trust your intelligence and your ability to do anything you set your mind to.

In this episode, we’re diving into:

  • How to believe you’re smart enough
  • The trap of intellectual comparison
  • The trick to trusting yourself, your capability and your potential


How to Stop Caring What People Think Webinar

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Our most popular episodes here on The Confidence Podcast are always around the same topic: how to stop caring what people think.  So, ya’ll, I’m going deeper on this topic than ever before.

What you’ll learn….

In this 20-minute webinar, you’ll learn how to stop getting distracted from your dreams and purpose because of what people *might* think about you.

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If you’re ready to push play on your purpose with confidence and freedom, then this webinar is for you.  In class we’ll cover…

  • The real issue and how to tackle it.  You’ll learn how caring too much what people think is so destructive to our happiness and why we get trapped in this toxic pattern of thinking.
  • The first 3 things you can do right now to change how you feel. You’ll learn 3 things you can start doing differently right away to get free from the restriction of caring what people think
  • The easiest way to go after your purpose with total confidence. You’ll get advice on the exact next steps to take to have more confidence and courage to go after your dreams without being distracted or delayed, by comparison, overthinking, or self-doubt.


Can’t get enough! by mhammond2020

I found this podcast when I needed it the most. I moved to a new city and the pandemic hit.  I’ve always tried to be more confident but gave up because I didn’t know how to break the “I’m not good enough” thought cycle. Trish is the voice inside my head now! I really enjoyed just listening to her at first but to my surprise, I realized that I’m being kinder to myself now. Thank you so much, Trish!


What I’ve noticed:

High achievers often have the lowest sense of self-esteem with their intellect. Collecting degrees, certifications, and checklists don’t make you feel any smarter. Everyone who struggles with this usually thinks they’re the only ones.

What do smart people do?

They train their brains. They exercise. They eat a brain-healthy diet. They work with coaches, leaders, and teachers. They read and invest in their mindset growth.

We have 60,000 thoughts per day.

Intelligence isn’t stagnant. It’s perpetually in growth.


First, it’s imperative to know that intelligence is not stagnant. -It’s fluid, and flowing, and changing, and expresses itself differently.-We actually only tap into about 10% of our mental capabilities.  You are as smart as you need to be as long as you are willing to grow and learn something every day.You are as smart as you need to be as long you believe that you will find the teachers you need at the right time.You are as smart as you need to be as long as you trust the magnificent way God created you.


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Trish, thank you so much for your podcasts. I’ve witnessed a great shift in my spiritual life after meeting your podcast, I’ve been waiting for years for this shift and I finally felt it now. it feels amazing to surrender and live in absolute peace. Thank you for your spirit. PS could you please speak a bit louder in your podcasts, your soft voice is a blessing, it’s just sometimes hard to hear while on the train. 🙂 -Verna

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