Podcast #392

If you value progress more than perfection, then it’s possible to feel confident and capable, even if you don’t yet feel like you “deserve” to. Confidence has no finish line or destination. It is a muscle that we work and strengthen through how we choose to think about who we are and where we are at as we progress along the journey of life. Get the full show notes at

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about:

  • The questions about being confident that I am most often asked
  • How to really, really believe that you can do something and feel confident, even if you aren’t “there” yet
  • The 3-steps to progressing towards anything you want with more confidence


Just the best podcast ever – 5 stars

by Liv’in’progress

A long-overdue review here, I just wanted to express how grateful I am for Trish and her amazing energy, positivity, and ability to be inspiring every day. I sincerely look forward to my commute so that I can learn from Trish and get guidance for those tricky issues in life. Every time I listen, I immediately feel as though I’m entering into a “me time” moment that I don’t want to be interrupted and I become centered and inspired to be a better version of myself. I frequently rewind over and over to re-listen to a little phrase that hit hard for me – there are so many. Trish feels like the friend that I wish I had, someone who will actually call me out in an effective yet nonjudgmental way. I just listened to an episode where she suggested that certain things or behaviors in life you have to realize that you’ve outgrown. This was a little reality slap that I needed today. I also really love the faith-based episodes. As someone who grew up with parents always bickering about their interpretation of the Bible, I really align with your insights on faith. Thank you, Trish, for showing up for us all – your love and goodwill is overwhelmingly evident. Much love.

Progress Not Perfection motivation

Questions I am often asked:

  • How can I feel confident if I am not even close to where I want to be?
  • How can I stay confident if I keep having these setbacks?
  • How can I act confident if I know I don’t have the experience that I wish I had?
  • How can I remain confident if I fail visibly or embarrass myself?
  • How can I walk confidently if I’ve gained the weight back or if my business regresses or must pivot?
  • How can I be confident if I feel keep beating myself up or feel like I’m behind or making the same mistakes over and over again?

Ultimately, we are asking:

How do I have confidence in progression, not perfection?

We must change what soul ties we make.

We must pay attention to the agreements we make with our beliefs.

We must decide that since our thinking can change that we also can change.


  1. Mindset of optimism

-Looking at what could go right, not wrong

-Seeing your commitment, not the inevitable challenges

-Believing there will be joy and adventure along the way

  1. Eagerness to learn

-Freedom from the belief that you need to know it all

-Release from the pressure to execute perfectly

  1. Grounding in gratitude

-Gratitude is your propeller

-Gratitude journaling, flash gratitude

-Perspective flexibility


  1. Simple steps and slowing down

-Forward is a pace

-Champagne moments and micro-milestones

-Resist the rush (why are you rushing anyways?)

  1. Be completely where you are

-Release competition and comparison

-Repair rotting bones – rid your heart of jealousy or envy

-Protect your joy

  1. Express joy and enthusiasm

-Celebrate others’ prosperity and wins authentically

-Deepen your belief in your vision (and go next level by saying God, I trust you. I invite you into this).

-Grow in your understanding of your emotions, feelings, thoughts and, desires


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I didn’t know that you have IG. I wanted to say how amazing your podcast is. Several years ago when I was at my absolute LOW!!! you saved me. Not sure how it happened, but after a week of absolutely obsessing with you, I took massive actions, and I’M DOING GREAT NOW!!! Thank you so much, angel!!!

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