Podcast #391

When you learn how to have more joy and more peace in your life, you will naturally begin to overflow with confidence. Here are 37 simple and practical ways to help you have more joy and peace in your life, starting today. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/391

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about:

How to get more peace in your life, more specifically, 37 ways to do so
The shifts I have made that helped me turn my anxiety into joy
Why joy and peace will make you more confident


Time well spent! 5 stars, by Ashtyn C

This review is long overdue. Trish is an amazing source of light and encouragement! She gives practical advice and incredible insight. As an avid reader myself (and forever the knowledge seeker), I appreciate the work she puts into her content. This has been a podcast staple for me for several years now. Listening to her podcast is always time well spent! Highly recommend!

how to have more joy quotes


Joy is sustained, deep happiness; radiance, if you will. It takes something beautiful and makes it magnetic.

Peace is confidence. It is security, safety, presence, and an absence of anxiety, strife, turmoil, pressure, or anything that is typically related to insecurity or self-criticism.

The core issue of most confidence challenges is a lack of peace. I struggled with confidence because I didn’t have peace in who I was, in my body weight, in my place in the world, in whether or not I was loved and belonged, etc.

You will live in peace and joy.
The mountains and hills will burst into song and the trees of the field will clap their hands.
Isaiah 55:12


Joy and peace are the opposite of how I would have described my life prior to my work in confidence coaching. They are not adjectives I would have ever chosen to describe myself.

I didn’t have joy – I was focused and self-critical.
I didn’t have peace – I was always pushing myself harder.
I didn’t have joy – I wasn’t sure how to be myself, or if I was allowed to be.
I didn’t have peace – I felt like I was behind.
I didn’t have joy – I thought life was supposed to be super serious.
I didn’t have peace – I worried that God was disappointed in me and He felt far from m.
I didn’t have joy – I was stuck in addiction and numbing, and didn’t have full access to full emotions
I didn’t have peace – I didn’t know how to accept love and be present

1. Journal daily
2. Intentionally detox my toxic thoughts
3. Remember that if I’m growing, I’m going
4. Mindfully choose peace, not pressure
5. Spend more time laughing
6. Sit on the floor more
7. Frequent outside walks without technology
8. Meditate and proclaim the phrase: God, I trust You.
9. Gratitude journaling
10. Flash gratitude.

11. Less TV at night
12. Established nighttime routine
13. Consistent mental wellness with my therapist
14. Patience by focusing on progress, not perfection
15. Celebration of progress with champagne moments
16. Permission to do less
17. The daily goal of learning, not accomplishing
18. Reduced exposure to things that drive comparison in my mind
19. Writing out my prayers, increase conversation with the Lord
20. Exercise to feel alive, not to burn calories

21. Dates with family members – making time for people
22. People over projects (needing to remind my self of what often should be obvious)
23. Explore creative expression – dance, writing, songs, organization, coloring
24. Hopeful confidence in what doors God will open (focus, not a feeling; focus on his faithfulness)
25. More attachment to the process than the outcome.
26. Renewed willingness to fail, fall or have a setback – because it’s all ultimately a setup
27. The enthusiasm that flows freely, without fear judgment (I uber-embrace the little things)
28. Focus on faithfulness – trust that God will provide (Isaiah 58:11)
29. Did I love others and did I do some good day serving others? (Simplicity of expectations)
30. Compassion for others still caught up in striving

31. No longer in competition with anyone
32. Measure in micro-milestones
33. Light candles every night
34. Play music every morning
35. Faithfulness Word document
36. Embraced for the adventure, not focused on the destination
37. Eager to simplify and find the sweetness in just living life. (understanding that we are only guaranteed today, so I’m not looking ahead as much)

Psalm 37:3
Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.


Peace is a presence. And sometimes it feels uncertain; I often get an unsettled feeling and internal pressure to do more, spin my wheels and make myself worth something. I must intentionally set my mind to a place of peace. I must choose peace, not pressure, daily. I must remind myself constantly that I am valued and loved and make a difference in this world, not for what I do, but for who I am and how I think, love, serve and show up.

Joy is a focus. I don’t always feel like having joy, but I have learned that I don’t have to trust my feelings. I can trust my focus. My focus is on joy, which means that I will find the beautiful things, I will see the good and I will walk with a deep sense of appreciation and vivacity for the gift it is to simply be alive.


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Ash Martinez, who stood up for me online while I was being roasted.

“Her podcast is so life-giving and she’s amazing a helpful shift perspective in difficult times.”
“I LOVE your podcasts and how much you pour your heart into each one. They have been SUCH a blessing on my life!!!”

If you want to learn how to have thicker skin, go listen to episode #390, www.trishblackwell.com/390. But, be warned, when we want to learn something, we are given opportunities to learn it — they aren’t always comfortable, but they are good for us.

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