You don’t have to cower from having difficult conversations anymore. This podcast episode will coach you on exactly how to be confident when having intimidating or difficult conversations.  Learn how to have difficult conversations. No more avoiding, no more buffering, no more sweeping things under the carpet – it’s time to confidently connect better with the humans in your life. Get the full show notes at

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about:

  • How conflict can lead to confidence
  • The 10 fundamental things to remember before having hard conversations
  • Turning the table: how to have hard conversations with yourself
  • How to have difficult conversations with confidence
  • How to have difficult conversations without cowering


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Thank you Trish! 5-Stars.

By Sophia abc. / I have been listening to this podcast for a month or two by now and DANG!!! It has helped me improve my everyday life by appreciating what I have and how to use it. Her wise words have helped me become a much more confident woman everywhere, every day and around everyone. I think that everyone needs a little Trish in their life so I totally recommend this podcast!!!


Conflict > Conversations > Communication > Connection > Confidence


  1. Value bravery. (Being emotionally brave is more impressive than being physically brave.)
  2. Remember conflict leads to connection.
  3. Honor other people’s perspectives.
  4. Seek to understand and not always be understood.
  5. Release expectations (let go of trying to control their feelings and reactions)
  6. Use The 5-Second Rule (Mel Robbins)
  7. Speak from the heart and be humble.
  8. Listen as well as you talk.
  9. Seek connection, not your own resolution.
  10. Define a purpose (objective to be transparent, to express oneself, etc.)


  • These are perhaps the most important conversations to be having in the first place.
  • You don’t have to go these alone – use prayer, and your journal to guide you.
  • Braindump onto paper – and stop using the excuse that you’re worried that someone will look at what you write; y’all people are not interested in what you’re thinking about, you’re safe.
  • Pay attention to your own avoidances and what you are resisting.
  • We all run away in our own ways – seek emotional maturity enough to look at what is actually going on within yourself.
  • Each month I like to ask myself – what do I need to modify? What am I allowing or permitting that I need to pay more attention to? How can I be a better wife? How can I be kinder to myself? How can I be a more engaged and patient mother? How can I be a more present and encouraging human in my circles and comings and goings?
  • For me one of the hardest hard conversations to have is: what am I avoiding and why am I desiring to stay so busy? Why am I not trusting God that He says “rest, be with Me, you are enough and you are loved”?


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I love and value your podcast so much, and I truly have considered joining the COC. Firstly, I am pretty much the most frugal person I know. Definitely not the person who goes out and gets herself a coffee- seriously once in a blue moon- if I’m with a friend… so it’s a money thing for me.

Also, I just found out I’m pregnant- so even more reason to save.

Here’s an interesting idea for a podcast: how to address life’s difficult conversations. My example: I’ve been in an abusive marriage, divorced, now wit my new guy for 5 years- we’re not married- and I’m pregnant. How to tell my family when I am afraid of their disappointment of my doing this out of wedlock. I’ve literally heard my dad refer to children born outside of marriage as “bastard child”. Needless to say, it’s a definite source of stress for me.. and I plan on having that conversation pretty soon.

I would be so thrilled if you used my example in a podcast!



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