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To become someone who exudes confidence, you become someone who also becomes a magnet to success and happiness. This episode breaks down exactly how to train your confidence and thoughts about yourself in order to exponentially grow your confidence to that “exude” level that is contagious. Your contagious confidence has the power to encourage the world; it’s worth the work it takes to get there. Get the full show notes at

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about:

  • What makes someone exude confidence
  • The fundamentals to being more confident – how to start exuding yourself (training)
  • The difference between “capability confidence” and “character confidence”

You exude confidence – and I want to know how to have that.

The answer? It’s a commitment to curiosity, challenging myself and congruency. 


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exude confidence quotes

Do yourself a favor – 5 stars, by Kirsten

Trish is the best!!! Always what I need to hear when I need to hear it. The enthusiasm, the encouragement, the positivity and different perspective she gives is such a blessing and so empowering! So grateful to have found this. podcast. Trish, you are so loved and appreciated girl!


How we think in general determines how we feel about ourselves and our capabilities. Which contributes to how we exude confidence.

Take the training of your thoughts seriously:

  1. Journal
  2. Add openness to your life.
  3. Get a coach
  4. Read and study
  5. Notice and celebrate growth


It’s normal to have a little voice of self-doubt.

It’s normal to care about the opinions of others.

It’s normal to feel awkward and quirky being yourself.

It’s normal to self-sabotage and create blocks in your own path

It’s what you do with what’s normal that makes you confident. 

Don’t allow these normal things make you freeze or not move forward.

“Being yourself” doesn’t always come easy or feel natural – in the same way that starting a workout never really “feels good” – but it gets easier, feels amazing and is always worth it once you get past that. 

The key to confidence is to take action no matter what.

Become an “action-taker” and you will naturally build your courage muscles, which lead to more confidence and capability, which renders results and which then ultimately perpetuates a new cycle of more action-taking, courage, confidence, and results.


  1. Love is everything. When you are loved you bloom.
  2. Love gives me all the acceptance I need.
  3. Love releases you from needing to prove yourself.
  4. Love inspires you to have courage beyond yourself.
  5. Love invites others in.

I was told I was loved most of my life, and when I felt it, my confidence shone. In the moments and seasons of my life that I disconnected myself from the source of love – and from family – my confidence became grounded in what I did and how I compared to others, rather than in a foundation that was unshakeable.

Love is an unshakeable motivator because it overrides any fear.  It silences my worry, my fear of being too much, being offensive, being unworthy, being average, being forgettable, being whatever and it tells me I belong.


Sure, we can get confidence from the things we do – success builds superficial confidence in one’s capability, but beyond “capability confidence,” I am interested in teaching you “character confidence.”

Both are good.

Both are needed.

It’s the quintessential chicken vs. the egg scenario.


I know I am loved by God.

I know I have purpose, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

I know that I don’t have to be sovereign, my job is to just show up.

I know that I am committed to showing up with my whole heart.

I know that I am an action-taker.

I know that I am eager to learn and grow.

I know that God is constantly working on my heart and humility.

I know that I was created with intention and my own specific beauty and gifts.

I know that I am always willing to go the extra mile.

I know that the world needs encouragement, and I can help.

I know that I don’t have to be perfect, just in progression.

I know that I am not who I used to be and that I am becoming who I aspire to be.

I know that I have access to mentors and truth and wisdom.

I know that my life is a story – and I trust the God who is writing the story.

I know that my life is a story – and one mistake does not ruin the story

I know that I can do more than I think I can.

I know that my God can do exceeding, abundantly more than I can ask or imagine.

I know that I get to have a fresh start every day.

I know that I have a lot to learn -so there’s no pressure to be an expert.

I know that I don’t have to compete with others – but rather collaborate and connect.

I know that I am on an adventure and it’s okay that I don’t know the path.

I know that I like certain things, and I allow myself to embrace them – and to be me.

I know that I can take risks and stretch myself becuase I am not alone.

So, what about you, as you consider making a list like this – can you come up with 5-10 things that you “know” that will help establish a baseline for what you know to be truth and what you can step into?


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I understand that investing in yourself, particularly in a time of uncertainty, feels intimidating, and it might have you second-guessing yourself. But, I assure you, there is no better investment than in yourself. The value that you get from just one or even two private coaching sessions could quite possibly be the lynchpin of change and transformation for your next steps of success.

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How to stay positive when the world feels so panicked

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How to stay on track for your weight loss goals without a gym or your normal structure

How to work from home and stay socially isolated without getting depressed

How to pivot your business efforts and marketing to work with the new economy

How to stay motivated while staying at home / how to not give into buffering or self-sabotage

How to use any career setbacks to transition confidently into a new career

How to create a routine that brings you joy at this time, not anxiety or stress

How to stretch your faith and feel good during this crisis instead of tossing and turning at night.

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Hi Trish,

My name is Josie and I just recently found your podcast and have been binge listening nearly every day for the last few weeks. I want to thank you for having the courage to do what you do. My whole life, I have been in constant fear of what people think of me, of speaking, and being myself. I felt that my voice didn’t matter. Yet, deep down in my soul I just knew that I had a voice that was supposed to impact and encourage others. I want to thank you for your podcasts. They have completely changed my life, not only am I getting over this fear that has hindered me for so long, but I am excited to speak and make a difference. I no longer want to hold back. I couldn’t have done this without your encouraging words. From the bottom of my heart Thank you thank you thank you.

My husband and I are Associate Pastors and lead Children’s ministry at our local church. I am starting to speak more instead of just avoiding it as I have in the past. I know that God wants me to equip and empower others And make a difference in the community. I’ve been really thinking about joining the college of Confidence. Although I want to equip and empower others, I’m not sure about which avenue to do this with. I have so many passions and interests that it’s really hard for me to think of one area to focus on and go with (i.e. focusing on a certain age group, or focus on health, fitness, business, finances, administration, etc.)

Will the College of Confidence help with figuring out which passion and avenue to go with?

I also just purchased your detox book. And last night I did the first detox and wow!!! So good. I look forward to continuing to listen to your podcast. Again thank you! My voice has been silent for far too long. And now having the courage to speak has really changed my life. Bless you, Trish! Any person I help now, know that it is because you first helped me.

Josie S.

Song mentioned in show: 

A Little Longer, Jenn Johnson, Bethel Music

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