Podcast #383

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re chatting about:

  • How to not lose your cool – your confidence, your joy, and your sanity – while stuck at home or living a new norm in your work or home lifestyle
  • How to not beat yourself up for the moments that you don’t like yourself in how you react with the people close to you
  • How to keep life engaging even if it feels dull, monotonous and isolated – how to not believe the fear that this will last forever.



When things dramatically change in a short period of time, it’s important to remember that:

-Adjusting to the new normal will take time, and comes with a learning curve

-Feeling an overwhelming and varying amount of emotions is normal

-It’s natural to behave in ways that are less than your ideal

-Your people are on the same team as you – and working through their own adjustments as well

-Each situation is a learning opportunity for personal growth, you don’t need to beat yourself up

-These are defining moments, they are growth moments.

New temporary normal:

My family unit of 4.

Extraverts, staying in.

Two people working from home.

Unpacking and cleaning new house.

No gym; working out happening at 6:30 AM

No friend time for my kids.

No doggie play dates for my dog.


Temper tantrums.

Kids jealous for my attention and fighting constantly.

Free time trying to organize new home and clean up messes left by previous owners.

Dog with anxiety at new transition.

Social life altered.

Family gatherings suspended.

If you were my husband you would see:

A woman waking up energized at 6AM

A woman feeling alive and filled with peace after time with God and journaling

A woman using music to lift the mood of the house

A woman motivated to create a beautiful home

A woman determined to have a positive attitude about the opportunity of this season

A woman thankful for curbside delivery and the gift of technology

A woman who sometimes cries out of frustration

A woman who feels shame when she breaks and raises her voice at her kids

A woman who hurts for her kids who see new friends they can’t meet

A woman who feels conflicted for wanting to use screen time too much and also to do every mom craft that her friends post about

A woman irritated that she has to keep Amazon packages on the front porch to air out

A woman who hates having to wipe down what was purchased at curbside pickup

My point, y’all?

Humans are multilayered, multifaceted, complex and deep feelers. Now, throw us into unknown territory and uncertainty, take away any sense of control we ever thought we had and these natural ups and downs we are all inevitably going through makes sense.

Please look at the facts in every situation.

Please give yourself space to feel the feelings you have.

Please extend yourself – and others – extensive grace like never before.

Please get connected with a coach or a community.

Please remember that this too shall pass.

Please determine to ground yourself in gratitude.

Please be extra kind and encouraging to others.


  1. Put self-care at the top of your to-do list.
  2. Ask for help.
  3. Modify your expectations.
  4. Increase your communication.
  5. Get more sleep.
  6. Eat clean, healthy food.
  7. Limit alcohol consumption/sugar consumption.
  8. Make exercise a daily priority.
  9. Journal every day no matter what.
  10. Set micro-goals to keep you focused on what you can control.
  11. Stretch and do breathwork for 5-minutes/day.
  12. Refuse to be a victim – this is not happening to you; don’t feel sorry for yourself – feel thankful for the strength you have.
  13. Don’t overidentify with a stress reaction you have had.
  14. Drink more water.
  15. Use gratitude on the go as often as needed.


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How to stay positive when the world feels so panicked

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How to stay on track for your weight loss goals without a gym or your normal structure

How to work from home and stay socially isolated without getting depressed

How to pivot your business efforts and marketing to work with the new economy

How to stay motivated while staying at home / how to not give into buffering or self-sabotage

How to use any career setbacks to transition confidently into a new career

How to create a routine that brings you joy at this time, not anxiety or stress

How to stretch your faith and feel good during this crisis instead of tossing and turning at night.

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I’ve recently started listening to your podcast and I found such peace in your latest episode on the global pandemic. In it, you mentioned that you were thankful for your dog testing your patience because it showed you where you still needed to grow. I would really love if you had the time to do an episode on this, as I recently adopted a dog who has been truly amazing at helping me get out of bed and outside, but he is also very high energy and anxious around other dogs which sometimes triggers my own anxiety making me think I’m a terrible pet parent who can’t give him what he needs.

Thank you so much for everything that you do, listening to your cheerful voice and supportive messages is one of the best parts of my morning routine and truly helps me feel more at ease in my life.

I wish you and your family peace in this time of social distancing,


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