Podcast #371

Sticking to your diet is much less about discipline and will-power than you think it might be. Those who are successful in their health and fitness goals focus more on mindset than on perfect habits. This podcast episode will help breakdown the differences and will teach you how to have a banner year for your health habits … helping you be successful with your weight goals this year.

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re chatting about:

  • The mindset of successful weight loss and of those who have a healthy relationship with food
  • What to do when you feel triggered and your confidence in your discipline feels shakey
  • How to talk back to yourself and train your thoughts to guarantee yourself success this year


Do you get fearful sometimes, worrying what people may or may not think about you? Maybe it’s someone close to you, or someone you barely know, but the potential of them looking down on you, judging you or making a comment about it is enough to make you play it safe?

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I almost didn’t write my first book, I almost didn’t run my first running race, I almost didn’t go on the blind date that led to my amazing husband, I almost didn’t start my blog, or this podcast or my business … I was worried that people would think “who is she to do _____” or “gosh, she’s stupid”… but thankfully I had the right mentors who loved on me, pushed me and taught me how to just go be me – to go be Trish Blackwell and to not worry about what anyone thinks as I do.  I want to teach you the same thing.

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@cdrinkwine – Never-ending Fountain of Motivation and Strength

I discovered Trish’s podcast earlier in 2019 when I set a goal for myself to increase my confidence. While I don’t consider myself to be painfully meek, I know that I can use improvement to help my professional and personal life. Trish’s podcast put all other confidence podcasts to shame. Her positive attitude, full exposure of her own challenges and well organized and well-researched advice and guidance has helped me feel more confident and improve in numerous ways. For example, I love to swim but was always afraid of doing anything but a crawl stroke for fear of feeling embarrassed as I flopped around in the pool. By pointing out that other people are not worrying about me but worrying about themselves, I shed that fear and now happily splash my way through all strokes (and have actually gotten pretty good at them). I also don’t hold back to speak up and share my ideas in meetings and stand my ground when I”m confident that my professional decisions are solid. I hope men and women who want to improve their confidence make the right choice and listen to Trish. I also did join Trish’s College of Confidence and find that to be a huge bonus, adding to a wonderfully supportive community to the great content. Count yourself lucky that you’ve discovered this podcast and take advantage of the tremendous free resource with which Trish has gifted us. Thanks so much, Trish, Being me, being free!

how to stick to your diet


  • Breakthrough with food is less about what you do and more about your self-talk.
  • You won’t ever be the bodyweight you want until you are proud of the person you are on the inside.
  • The more you hide from yourself, the more you will perpetuate self-shame – and the shame cycle of sabotage.


Fatigue – or irritation

The wave of anxiety bubbling within me – uneasiness that is hard to pinpoint

Vulnerability or fear of unworthiness


  • Use the power of the third person
  • Access clarity through writing and daily journaling (And if you haven’t started the journaling process, get started with my free journaling coaching and my Freedom Journal – just go to
  • Proclaim the truth and push out untruth
  • Take captive your thoughts


  • Resist the “this doesn’t matter”, “this is too hard,” “this won’t work” self-talk
  • Disengage from conversations that don’t build you up or others up.
  • Get obsessed about being the most positive person you know – optimism is a learned mindset behavior; it is a choice that feels awkward at first but becomes easier with time
  • Get in the habit of finding the good. Turn every potential “guilt” into a “gratitude”
  • Use phrases like “I will not be discouraged,” “I love challenges and how they grow me,” “my setbacks are setups,” “I am thankful for this opportunity to stretch my faith”

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Your mindset is everything.

It’s not just something to think about sometimes, or even just once a week here on the podcast.

You need to go deeper, more all in.


Training your thoughts.

Systematically, as you would train your body.




Coaching. Workouts. Accountability.

The College of Confidence is more than just life coaching, or confidence coaching, or accountability coaching, it is the coaching we all need to train our thoughts.

When you train your thoughts, you change your life.


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Hi Trish! I just listened to your podcast #363 about perfectionism and I wanted to tell you how powerful it was to me. I honestly didn’t even realize that I was a perfectionist before listening to this or how much perfectionism controlled my life. I can relate to your struggles so much about striving, especially also being an enneagram type 2. I never realized how much of my life was built on trying to earn my parents, coaches, and even God’s love by my achievements. Do you have any other podcasts or maybe books you recommend that can help me work through this?

How to Use Confidence to Fight Fear: Episode #356

The Perfectionism CurseEpisode #354

Why Perfectionism Prevents You from Being Confident: Episode #335

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