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You can learn how to not be affected by negative people, even if that includes your own negativity. In this episode, we’re going to be talking about how to handle negativity, from wherever it comes, and how to shift states and turn what is or could be perceived as negative into something positive.

  • Understanding negativity and the difference between negativity and realism
  • How to handle negative people – 5 things you can do
  • What to do if you’re the one being negative (eeekkk!)


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We’re at 736 episodes, y’all. My BHAG is 1000, and it’s still not impossible. Will you help me press in and press towards that, appreciating my vulnerability of how it is to share a public goal with thousands of people that you just might not hit?

Trish!!! Thank you!!!

I started listening to your podcast a few months back when I was feeling sort of stuck. Your words have changed my life! I have gotten compliments from my friends that I’ve gained so much confidence that they want that for themselves (I’ve introduced them to your podcast, of course!). My favorite episode so far is the A-Z guide to confidence. I have listened to this more times than I can count, so I finally wrote each letter out and taped them up at home. My goal is every day to just pick one letter and do that. Anyways, this is me showing up to help you reach that audacious goal and to let you know that you are truly changing the world.

Episode #302: The A-Z Guide for Confidence


Negativity is any focus on what could go wrong, what is going wrong or what should be better than it is. The dictionary says that it is the expression of criticism or pessimism about something.

  • Negativity focuses only on lack, limitations, and criticism.
  • Realism is less subjectively focused and is more objective.

Don’t claim the cop-out, “I’m just a realistic” to justify your negative thinking.

Negativity is the brake for all dreams.

Negativity is where potential goes to die.

Negativity is the excuse-maker’s language.


It’s hard to be negative and happy.

It’s hard to be negative and to push past your comfort zone.

It’s hard to be negative and believe in yourself.

It’s hard to be negative and grateful.

It’s hard to be negative and growth-oriented.


  1. Be kind: understand that they are in pain.
  2. Be firm: have boundaries and coach with love, negativity is contagious – call them to a higher standard.
  3. Be patient: you can’t fix people, they have to want it for themselves.
  4. Be optimistic: lead by example and demonstrate emotional courage, inviting them in alongside you.
  5. Be intentional: choose your words and thoughts with intention and be mindful of what you expose yourself to – via social media, TV, and music.


Or if you’ve created a potentially negative situation or point of conflict.

(When I argue or poke at my husband, or when I stand my ground with a billing business)

-Be gracious and be humble

-Be sincere and take ownership

-Be thankful for the opportunity to grow your heart

Ask yourself: Am I being negative?

Ways that I recognize it in myself:

-Feeling down, feeling overwhelmed, feeling critical, feeling offended, feeling irritated, feeling fearful or insecure

What I do when I’m negative:

-Remind myself that I’m allergic to negativity, change my state, ground myself in gratitude and do gratitude-on-the-go, call my mom or a friend, dance, go for a run, take a shower, write in my journal, pray and talk to God, recognize that I’m tired and allow myself space to rest, forgive myself for the attitude I was carrying and remind myself that I can exchange it.


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Tajuana Paige

Thank you so much for saying yes to being a guest on my podcast. I absolutely love your podcast! I am beyond honored and so excited to have you on mine.

Tea Time with Tajuana with Taujuana N. Paige

Mama, Confidence is Your Greatest Gift (ft. Trish Blackwell)


Psalm 121:1-2

I lift my eyes up to the mountains – where does my help come from?

My help comes from the LORD, the maker of the heavens and Earth.

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