Podcast #367

Putting pressure on yourself doesn’t get you better results in life. Pressure just increases stress and makes you overwhelmed. This episode will teach you how to be nicer to yourself and how to use positive motivation instead of negative pressure.

In this podcast episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about:

  • The ways in which we put pressure on ourselves, and what it does to us
  • Why we put pressure on ourselves
  • How to stop the pressure-cycle for good and have more happiness

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Keep on doing you – 5 stars by LoveyaLongThyme

pressure on yourself

Trish has been teaching me how to slow down and really pay attention to life. She is always opening my eyes and giving great tips on making the most of our time on earth. Her spiritual podcasts were my favorite! No matter what she talks about it somehow helps me and I highly encourage people to give it a listen! My only critique is I cannot hear her in my car because her tone is so soft and soothing. Thank the Lord for Trish and Bluetooth headphones. Keep doing you, Trish!


Peel back the onion and don’t just use the cop-out of personality.

Some of it is our wiring, but most of it is a belief system.

As a little girl I believed I could fix my family’s problems if I was just good enough, just successful enough.

What about you?

Resource Mentioned:

Dr. Leaf

Dr. Leaf’s TED Talk:



There is a difference between high achievement and perfection.

Desire to be a certain weight, or parent or achiever.


There is a line between a full life and an overwhelmed life

Desire to be impressive, to be admired, to be applauded, to be the best.


We are wired for connection, but trying to get people to like you is like chasing the wind.

Desire to be popular and praised, to have a guarantee that will never be lonely.

The main three lies we believe (part of the basics of Psychiatry 101):

I’m helpless.

I’m worthless.

I’m unloveable.


It fills your life with:






And feelings of:

Being less than

Being constantly behind

Being unqualified



The more pressure you put on yourself, the more prone you will be to the toxic cycle of self-sabotage.

We weren’t created to live in a pressure cooker – we are wired for wild adventure and encouragement.

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Those anxieties on your heart this morning? I hear them too. I know you felt them when you woke, and when you tossed and turned last night. I get it. Because I have them too.

Anxiety is part of the human condition, but it does not have to be the condition that reigns the directives of your life. It’s okay that you hear them shouting at you, but you need to know that their shouts are empty threats.

The fight for our faith is the most important fight in our lives. For me, as someone who battled anxiety for decades, the battle happens in my thoughts. I am victorious, not because I am strong, but because I am strong in the truth and promises that God has given me.

He has those promises for you too.

I have to revisit those truths every day, and you will need to too. Here are some of the ones that run in my brain, with the response I use to talk back to myself below the anxious thought.

  • Anxious thought:I am not able to do this – today is going to be hard…
  • God’s promise of peace:I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. I do not have to do this all on my own.
  • Anxious thought:I am not enough…
  • God’s promise of peace:When I am weak, God is strong. I am not enough on my own, and I do not have to be. I am enough because I am child of God. God doesn’t just love me, He chases me with His love.
  • Anxious thought:I wish I was were skinnier…and prettier ….
  • God’s promise of peace:My body as it is today is a gift from God. Picking it apart only insults the God who created me. I am beautiful in a way unique to me and I will let the inner light of my beauty shine brightly and boldly today.
  • Anxious thought:I am not making enough money, I need to do more, be better…
  • God’s promise of peace:God provides my every need. I am no longer a slave to proving myself, to striving, or to chasing success without purpose. God is my way-maker and because He is faithful and generous to those who trust in Him and walk in faith. I walk in abundance – and will always walk in abundance – in every season of my life.
  • Anxious thought:I wish I would stop being distracted at night…
  • God’s promise of peaceGod is helping me see where I can be refined, and I refuse to beat myself up over where I can improve. Instead, I will celebrate that I see with more clarity. I am thankful that God is helping me transform my life through my habits, one small habit at a time.
  • Anxious thought:I am too tired…
  • God’s promise of peace:I walk with energy and light because my source of renewal is an inexhaustible source. God invites me to restore my soul in green pastures, and I will always be replenished. I may feel fatigued, but I have faith that I will have my needs met in full every day.
  • Anxious thought:I am too sensitive …
  • God’s promise of peace:I am thankful for the sensitivity God wove into my heart. The emotional depth He gave me is a gift and gives me empathy, connection, and understanding. I will not walk in shame of how God made me.

Hopefully, these fill your week with peace. May the promise of peace that God gives us to be the foundation of every thought that passes through your heart this week.


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I follow a few methodologies:

Be you and be the best you.

-But the best you isn’t about doing or achievement, it’s about the whole character and your place in this world.

-Be yourself, not an imitation of someone else – don’t wish away your personality, but do work on your personality – let the best parts shine and let God prune the tarnished parts out.

Be responsible for what you have control over.

-I am responsible only for what God breathed into me.

-My attitude, my words, my thoughts, my exposure to things

-Resist looking out – look inward.

Be focused on the right thing.

-Let mercy and goodness chase you.

-Saturate your life in grace, kindness, mercy

-Leaving a legacy that matters – and looking at what is eternal, not temporary

Be hopeful, humble and happy.

-I choose to trust His plan; He’s my CEO, my coach.

-I want to be a prisoner of hope

-I decided to never be disappointed with the gift of life that the day holds.

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (Hebrews 11:6)

Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you. (Zechariah 9:12)


My old thinking:

life is hard, it will always be a struggle, i’ll never have enough, i’ll always have to strive and compete, I’ll always not like my body,

My new thinking: 

I live in the land of milk and honey. Rest is not a luxury, it’s a gift and necessity. The God of the universe delights in me. What more could I need. He’s promised to meet all my needs – I shall have no wants, no fears and no need to prove myself.

I should have done better.

I am thankful for what I learned from my efforts.

I could have made better decisions.

I am thankful for the courage I have and am growing.

I wish things had worked out better – what did I do wrong?

I am thankful that life is an adventure and that God has me where He wants me.

I would be happier with myself if I just could fix this problem.

I am thankful for who I am right now and am hopeful and eager and confident and patient in who I am becoming. 

I keep making the same mistakes.

I am thankful for how deep I am going in learning and relearning a lesson that will take me far and I am excited about what my future holds as I humbly and gracefully accept change.


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Thank you. Thank you so much, I truly needed this today. I’m so grateful I found your podcast, I was in a deep place and listening to you have brought some light to my life that I didn’t think I would see again.

Thank you.


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