Podcast #361 

Caring too much about what other people think about you is the fastest way to play small with your life. You can stop yourself from being negatively affected by this psychological fear by learning some practical and proven ways to give yourself permission to not care about what people may or may not say and instead to just be who God created you to be. 

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re chatting about

  • practical ways to stop caring about what others think
  • how to fire up your heart so that you take more action now to change than you ever have before 

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A New Life – 5 Stars, by Ally Behling

Wow. Just wow. This is the first time in my life that I’ve actually loved myself. I always thought I was this confident person but deep down, I really wasn’t. I started listening to this podcast and it made me feel known and understood. Thank you for all of the encouragement and love! Trish, you’ve changed my life. 

i want to stop caring what people think


If you’re going to do anything for your confidence and your mindset, then the first thing I tell everyone I work with is to journal.  

I get it, it’s an easy thing to think about and just not do.  But, if you commit to it, it can change your life.

That’s why I want to offer my 21-Day Toxic Thought Freedom Journal, also called the Freedom Journal, to anyone who wants to finally establish a healthy and effective journaling process in their lives.

The beautiful thing about the Freedom Journal is that it takes just 8-minutes/day to do. So, as you think about the change you want to see and experience in your life – let me ask you, is it worth committing 8-minutes/day to? 

You can grab the journal for free, and also get bonus access to my 7-Day Journaling Coaching Video Course, which will help you successfully establish a productive new journaling routine.  To get the journal and get started, go to www.trishblackwell.com/freedomjournal 


  1. Humanize others – everyone is broken and beautiful in diverse ways
  2. Know what everyone actually wants: love and acceptance
  3. Address your own judging eye and pride and work on it
  4. Embrace your awkwardness
  5. See where your pride is making you fall (pride can sometimes be displayed in the perceptions we crave for others to have of us)
  6. Get clarity on what you actually want – happiness or perceived happiness
  7. Explore yourself and learn to like yourself, when you like yourself it’s okay when other people don’t
  8. Relinquish your control issues 
  9. Stop fantasizing that you can get everyone to like you or agree with you 
  10. Remember, more than likely, the thing you are worried about people judging about you never crosses their minds
  11. Be thankful for all the things that make you you, and then do your best with them as a gift back to God
  12. Start doing bold things that you’ve always wanted to do
  13. Try new things and be happy not being good at them
  14. Become a master of your words, knowing how to use them to help you, not handicap you 
  15. Stop hurrying – rushing your timeline is about other people, not about you


When you realize this fear steals life from you, you can get mad. When we trigger that righteous anger, we often find it more compelling to take action and do something different than we’ve ever previously done. 

So, I want you to list out what caring what other people think has stolen from you. To give you some ideas, here are some ways it has stolen from me.

It stole my confidence.

It stole my body security.

It stole years of dating the wrong people – just to look cool.

It stole opportunity. 

It stole health.

It stole wealth.

Said differently, because I cared too much, I was mean to myself, I dated the wrong people, I didn’t share my true self with the world, I was afraid to try new things, I didn’t want to look stupid, I was hesitant with my business when I started, I spent years where I did things I didn’t actually want to do, I worked to look cool and engaged in excessive striving/workaholicism in order to prove myself and to look successful … the list goes on and on. 


I am who I am for a reason and I have a specific purpose inside of me that can only be lived out when I trust myself to be how and who my Creator intended me to be … I do not care about – because I can not control – the opinions of others but rather I care about the opinion of my Creator. I am choosing to show up in life as my full self, because if I don’t, the story and purpose put inside of me will never come to fruition. I’m showing up today and I will show up tomorrow and I will keep showing up every day – all opinions, all distraction, all else aside – I will be faithful to show up for life.


How to Stop Caring What People Think, Episode #187, which you can find at www.trishblackwell.com/187


But you might be wondering, what exactly is the College of Confidence and what will it do for me? 
If I were to put what the College of Confidence is into just a few words, I would say: 

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Ryan –

Good morning Trish! I absolutely love your show and it’s been helping me through some tough times. A lot of tough times. Thank you Trish! 


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