Podcast #333

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re chatting about: 

  • The Red Light, Green Light Game we too easily play with our goals and our lives
  • How to give yourself permission to be successful and happy
  • The Confidence Loop  – How Action Begets Confidence and Confidence Begets Action
  • Why Waiting for Permission is Keeping You Stuck


Banana_707, 5 Stars, The Key to My Confidence Issues!

I have struggled with confidence issues for as long as I can remember, but I had no idea why I felt the way I did. Not understanding my confidence issues made it impossible to work through my issues and step into the person I know God created me to be. However, after listening to just a few episodes of this podcast (I know, I’m late to the party), I am already seeing my mindset change for the better. The Confidence Podcast has acted as a catalyst for growth in all areas of my life. My only regret is that I did not find this wonderful community sooner. I’m signed up for tomorrow’s masterclass, and I truly can’t wait to learn even more about living in confidence. Trish, thank you! Thank you! for growing and leading such an amazing business.

how to be successful and happy


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Ellie started playing this game at school – and it has ignited some old-school reminiscing and new-school realizations.

Ever been behind someone at a red light who is clearly playing on their phone? The light is green, but they’re still acting as if it is red?

Think about the breakthrough, the change, the thing you most desperately want to change.

-Now, what are you actually doing about it?

-Are you doing the same thing, over and over, hoping for different results?

-Or, maybe are you complaining about something that you can actually do something about?

It broke my pride when I realized years ago that I was giving myself my own red light.

What kinds of invisible red lights are you waiting at?

-Not qualified enough

-Not skinny enough

-Not clear enough on the path

-Afraid of what people might think

-Worried about messing up

-Poor time management


What might the green lights in your life potentially look like?

-Doing something every day that scares you

-Not waiting for permission

-Letting go of the need to know everything

-Deepening your faith

-Taking bold steps and more action

-Trusting that you can course-correct


-Surrounding yourself with green light people

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Action Begets Confidence and Confidence Begets Action

If you find yourself sitting red lights, it’s time to put on a different lens. It’s time to look up from your phone – from the distractions that are preventing you from seeing that you are actually free and clear to move in the direction of your dreams.

Loves, it’s time to stop making excuses.

The most effective way to move away from excuses is to move through them.

In order to move through them, we have to take action.

What action do you need to take, right now, today?

Don’t overthink or over-plan the action, just do it.  (5-Minutes or Less Concept)


Waiting for permission is keeping you stuck because the only person that can give you permission is you.

We are raised in a world of order and in a social structure based on permission. And, while those things are all good in theory, they are also limiting.

God has given you permission because

-you are here

-you have certain ideas and thoughts

-you have unique talents

-you have an individual experience and story

-you have a specific calling

And since there is no one else that is here on earth to do and be who you were created to be, it therefore stands to reason that, in order for you to do what you are meant to do, there isn’t anyone who can give you permission.

The more we take action, bold action (meaning, action in spite of fear or


You can’t think your way into being more confident, you have to act your way into it (meaning, take action on whatever it is that you are overthinking)!

So, don’t “think” about clicking on these links or about taking my new webinar … do it! Here’s the link to the webinar registration, it’s the best place to start >>>


Cheri S. Girl, you know who you are, and a little birdie I do private coaching with told me that you don’t miss an episode! Happy 40th Birthday! I hope your celebration in Kenya is absolutely extraordinary!

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