There is a way to fight the fogginess of unmotivated “fog” that keeps you from living the life you want to live.  In today’s Confidence Podcast Episode #32, you will learn 7 practical application strategies to get yourself out from under the weight of the fog you feel and onward towards being the best version of you possible.

7 Ways to fight the fog:

Foggy head: I describe it as feeling blah, quasi-motivated, stuck, happy but not happy at the same time, confused, unsettled, driven but feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere etc. 

(1). The 60-Second Window

Fog often derives from a few negative thoughts that we allow to fester. What starts as a simple seed can develop into entangling vines that choke out our ambition, our confidence, and our hope.  You have a 60-second window to garden your mind, to dig up the bad seed that has been planted.    (Maybe read “gardening your mind” section of TSSM?)

(2). Pattern disruption

A boring life is a life that is lived on survival or accomplishment mode.  Remember that life is a story, that it is the journey that it is about, not the destination! Change up what you are doing.  Do something crazy.  Go for a walk at midnight.  Have a picnic because you feel like it.  Play Scrabble.  I pattern disrupt myself all the time in all sorts of ways:  different workouts, spontaneous trips, texting old friends, driving to work via a different route, driving in winter with my windows rolled down, writing my parents random thank you cards, going out of my way to pet someone’s puppy, etc.  Small things matter significantly!

(3). Visible reminder

A bracelet that says “live life to the fullest”, my tattoo on my hip that says “vivre”, a quote that you can memorize so that it is forever visible in your mind, etc., the possibilities are endless.

(4). Remember that you ARE important

Self-value, self-worth. Your dent in the universe matters. We get lost in the fog of our own fog sometimes simply because we forget that we have a purpose and a limited time to actually live.  Somehow it is as if the monotony of life convinces us that we are bored, we have too much time and that we are unnoticeable, but these are just lies.

(5). Assess your balance

Every day keep your priority list short and accomplishable.  Ask yourself if you have invested in yourself positively in the following four ways:
Self (physically / mentally)
Quality of life
[Side note: for those of you who are single out there, I used this strategy to keep myself from dating jerks.  It helped me know without a shadow of a doubt that Brandon was the love of my life.  I asked myself: Does this person challenge me (1). emotionally (2). physically (3). spiritually and (4). intellectually? ]

(6). Just go move.

Sometimes when we can’t kick the fog, you have to move out of it yourself.  You may not be feeling like doing anything, but physiologically the body releases powerful and immeasurable endorphins through movement.  Never underestimate the power of a few minutes of walking or moving.  If you only have 15 minutes to work out and wanted to do 60, do the 15 minutes anyways.  Something is always better than nothing.

(7).  Get more sleep!

So many of us live sleep deprived without realizing or recognizing it.  There is no okay way to say that you don’t have time to sleep.  If you are unwilling to modify your lifestyle to allow for more sleep then you don’t really care about your overall quality of life or impact.  Well rested individuals have more impact, more focus, more energy, more joy, more of a story to live.  Stop sleepwalking through life and then beating yourself up for being unmotivated or distracted.  Accept that you are human and that sleep is a limitation and recovery mechanism that is part of your make-up.  You can use this to your advantage or your disadvantage —> and I suggest you use it to your advantage!




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