Podcast #318

This week on The Confidence Podcast we’re chatting about:

  • One reason every single one of us can have more confidence each day
  • The 36 little things that transformed my confidence
  • A new, systematic approach to the confidence I am excited to introduce


R + J

Amazing, amazing podcast. A couple of months ago, I began community to work and found myself looking for something to listen to on my hour to two-hour drive. I was not expecting to find something actually worth listening to: I was taken aback by Trish’s podcast and find myself irritated when I have to stop listening once I actually arrive at work. She is so incredibly positive, upbeat and encouraging without being fake. She’s entirely real and down to earth and simply lovely to listen to. Not only do I feel better after listening to every episode, I feel stronger, wiser and much more sure of myself and where I am headed. An absolutely life-changing podcast. This is a must-listen. 🙂

best podcasts on confidence to listen to

Ya’ll! We’re ranked #158 in all health podcasts. Total podcasts out there? 700,000 (according to podcasting insights and blubrry.


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What makes me so sure that you have the ability to be more confident each day, even if you don’t “feel” the changes happening?

It’s one thing we all have in common: we are aging.

And with age, comes repetition – and wisdom, and perspective and, repetition again.

Y’all, this is my birthday week, and if you’ve been on brand with me for the past few years, you’ll know that I absolutely love aging. Past episodes I’ve done around my birthday include:

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Real change happens in the littlest of things.

(Story about my mom and the dishwasher – let all that I do be done to the glory of God).

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me … happy birthday to me! 

  1. Gratitude journaling
  2. Getting a coach
  3. Therapy
  4. Focusing on champagne moments and progress
  5. Seeing myself as a new creation
  6. Compartmentalizing my past
  7. Slightly changing my name
  8. Letting go of trying to impress other people
  9. Journaling
  10. Running
  11. Chasing failure
  12. Eleanor Roosevelt
  13. Permission to be a student
  14. The color pink
  15. Making a fool of myself
  16. Doing things that make me very uncomfortable
  17. Learning sales by fire
  18. Worship music
  19. Keeping my word to myself
  20. Deciding who I am and giving myself powerful attributes
  21. Reading every day
  22. Going for B- work instead of A+ work
  23. Deciding to be the friendliest and kindest person in the room
  24. Stretching for two minutes every morning
  25. Having two c-sections
  26. Prayer – writing my prayers out, tracking answered prayer and praying for God’s eyes
  27. My tattoo
  28. Stopped over apologizing (and people pleasing)
  29. Developing and training my emotional intelligence
  30. Deciding that I would be never too old to learn new tricks (example: figure skating)
  31. Knowing that people need encouragement (seeing them, praising them, remembering them)
  32. Being the first person to say hello
  33. Getting on video consistently and behind this mic
  34. Only owning clothes that I love
  35. Asking for help
  36. Being vulnerable (taking the pressure off myself and letting myself just be seen)


The Confidence Formula. 

If you’re here, it means you’re ready to create a life that is accelerated by your confidence, not limited by your lack of it. On this Confidence Coaching page, you will find the essential starting places we can help you step out of the prison of self-doubt and into the freedom of self-belief.

Confidence is achieved through a systemized formula, consisting of 3 primary elements of focus and progressing through 5 different stages of growth. Confidence is not for the “lucky” it is for everyone, and this will teach you how to have it for yourself.

Save your seat to be the first to learn the full system:


free coaching on confidence


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Hi Trish – just wanted to thank you for your words of encouragement, especially those centered in prayer and in God as our ultimate source of confidence!  I am listening to #311 and it’s so refreshing to hear the Christian perspective of growing in our confidence.  In this day and age, it takes courage to speak from this place and I commend you for being your authentic self and sharing this truth!

Anyway, just wanted to pass that along and to thank you for playing a part in my journey over the years.

Your sister in confidence and in Christ,

Terri Fenn

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