Podcast #315 

This week on The Confidence Podcast we’re chatting about

  • The things it’s time to drop in your life
  • How to drop them for real
  • The deliberate lifestyle that leads to more happiness, more confidence, and better results


Katie Schroeder

This woman is beyond words. Her dedication, time and love she puts into her lessons are seriously life-changing. I’ve tried to jump into multiple self-development podcasts/books/groups and couldn’t stick with anything simply because nothing held my interest. Then I found Trish. She has something valuable to say in EVERY single podcast. Her words have changed my way of thinking and my overall mental health in ways I’ll never be able to thank her enough for. I have struggled with anxiety for years and worry about things constantly down to if my shoelaces look weird how they are tied. It’s nice to be able to laugh at myself over that now but at the time it was the LEAST bit funny. It’s been a tough road pulling myself out of that mindset. But I’ve done it! It’s a learning process and I’ve come so far. This podcast and the COC is undeniably the breath of fresh air I’ve been looking for. After 2 episodes  I signed up for the College of Confidence because I knew I wanted to dive in deeper with Trish’s teachings. Since then I have looked at myself in the mirror differently, proudly, loving what I see. Gained happiness back that has been long, long gone and I never thought I would see again. I’ve found journaling again. I found a community of women who are cheering me on right alongside with Trish. Every day she shows up and has all of our backs. Every day she is your cheerleader. Thank you so much for everything you do! I love you, sister!

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  1. Caring what people think
  2. Being in a rush
  3. Cluttered thinking


There are different levels of breakthrough in this area, and each new level brings new levels of freedom.

Here are some thoughts and truths that have helped me step more into a place of freedom in this area of my life:

  • Every opinion is different, and it’s not my business what people think about me.
  • The only opinion that matters to me is God’s opinion, and He created me.
  • I expect people to have contradictory opinions about me.
  • If I am not polarizing, I am not standing for anything of value. You can’t please everyone.
  • I want to spend my emotional effort living, not thinking about things out of my control.
  • Trying to control what people think about you is like chasing the wind.

For an entire episode on how to stop caring about what people think of you, be sure to catch episode #301 of The Confidence Podcast, 33 Practical Ways to Stop Worrying About What People Think of You at www.trishblackwell.com/301


And I don’t just mean for a time in your day-to-day, I mean in life.

Not believing you are where you need to be, and wishing you were “farther along” communicates a few things subconsciously:

1) that you don’t trust God’s timing in your life or His plan for you

2) that you are living in regret and disappointment, over-focused on the past and the future, unable to be in the present

How to stop being in a rush with the timeline of your life?

  1. Realize that what matters in life isn’t what you accomplish, but the meaning with which your life. It is not about how beautiful you can make your life look, it’s about how beautifully you can live.
  1. Remember that life is not a race. The right pace for life is “forward.”

The turtle and the hare. The winners are the ones who stay locked in on their finish line / on what is meaningful to them, and then never stop moving forward.

Want more on this mindset?

Be sure to listen to podcast #289, How to Be Happy with Where You Are on Your Journey, which can be found at www.trishblackwell.com/289


Marie Kondo your mind and thoughts in the same way you would use the Kondo-Mar Method for your home.

Thoughts take up space.

The average person has 30,000 thoughts per day, according to Neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf.


Happiness isn’t accidental, and neither is a life filled with meaning.

The “dash” is the first thing that challenged me to think outside my default mode.

Create a dash for yourself.

Take the big picture and make it something you can activate daily.

Activation comes from having the space to take action – this comes from simplifying.

Simplification has been the root of all my breakthroughs.



-Personal goals

-Business goals




Heather Sayles

Thank you immensely for the work that you do. I’m in the COC and feel like I can actually break free if my old patterns for the first time. And I’m 42! Seriously, you are the best part of 2019 for me, thank you so much.

Would you consider hosting a seminar in person one day? For a day or two, we all spend time in the same room listening to you, working together. I hear that you’re a busy mom and a busy woman, but I had to honor this idea by giving it life and floating it past you.

All my very best,


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