Podcast #312 

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re chatting about:

  • 3 things we can do right now to stop feeling “not good enough”
  • Re-translating your “not good enough” voice
  • The power of permission to help you feel “good enough” right now


She changed my life. You deserve this. Ok, I started to listen to Trish about two years ago. I was in a dark place. Outside, everything looked fine. I had a great job and I made a lot of money. I had my college education. I had plenty of rich friends and a lot of downtimes to just do what I wanted to do. But my confidence was so low. I hated my life. I felt like every day I was grating my skin against a cheese grater. But this was the best I could do. Then I started listening to Trish. I looked up “confidence” in podcasts, and she showed up. It changed my life. Little by little, I received words of encouragement and doses of inspiration. I didn’t know it then, but these incremental changes were affecting me. Eventually, I had the courage to leave my job and start my dream business. I’ve taken chances on my job, my education and my relationships. And I’ve come to realize that I am enough. And someone believed in me, long before I ever did. Thanks to Trish, her inspiring words, I’ve made changes to make my life better. It all started with her. Thanks to her faith and her belief, I’ve been infected with the power of God and of love. And I will always be thankful for that. I will always be thankful that she had the courage to spread her words and teach me about confidence. I’ve come to realize that we all deserve to listen to Trish. Sometimes we think we don’t have the time or we don’t deserve this love, but thanks to Trish, I’ve discovered the opposite. Love yourself and listen to her. You’ll find yourself changed for the better. I couldn’t thank her more. She is awesome. God bless this podcast and Trish, may she continue to inspire others as she has me. Now I’m living a completely different and loving life. –
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The roots of deep inadequacy are pulled up by cleaning the soil where they are planted and gardening our minds accordingly.

We know that “not enough” is aggravated when we compare ourselves when we “feel behind” and when we overschedule life, but other than forcing habit change, how do you really modify your behavior and create real change?

We don’t feel “good enough” because we have lost sight on what matters to us. Instead of focusing in on creating meaning in our lives, we get pulled apart and stretched thin, spreading our focus and creating a major distraction.



Doing versus being

Earning versus living

Staying busy versus slowing down

  1. Slow down. Do less. Listen more.
  2. Keep a journal. Track your champagne moments.
  3. Prioritize. Simplify and know what matters to you.


-you as a director

-you mistranslating something

The people you compare yourself to also struggle with not feeling enough. This is part of being human. No one is except. Those who get “past” it are those who have learned to rewire the cognitive misalignments that are dominating their automatic neurological response.

Your mind can be a very convincing liar. It’s playing the role you gave it. It gets stage time every day.  Giving it a new role is going to feel as awkward and useless as trying to get a fish to climb a tree at first – but it won’t always feel that out of the body.

There is more right with you than wrong with you.

We need love the most when we feel like we deserve it the least. How can you love yourself? Can you zoom in on the truth that sometimes a hug, a twenty-second hug, fixes almost everything? How can you love yourself when you are spiraling down a “not good enough” drain?  Can you take note of little things? Like leaving the cupcakes you are thinking about binging on in the car, outside, so they’re not around? Or like not pouring that glass of wine, that might lead to three more glasses and six hundred calories of chocolate and instead of going to take a warm shower and read a book in bed? Or maybe not scrolling through social media or texting that toxic person to make you feel less lonely when journaling and talking to God would make you feel more understood?

How does your inner-critic, your inner “not good enough” play out? 

What does the voice sound like? 

What does it make you do? (Hide, drink, eat, harm, be negative, get overwhelmed)

What does your inner critic say?

-I’m stupid

-I’m poor

-I’m too emotional

-I’m a phony

-I’m a nerd

-I’m a Jesus-freak

-I’m average

-I’m not pretty

-I’m selfish

-I’m unoriginal with ideas

-I’m too happy

-I’m too friendly

-I’m naive

-I’m lazy

-I’m stuck

-I’m broken

-I’m weak

What has the critic stolen from you?


-pride (the good kind)





Take the power back

You are the director – the voice.

You get to decide what gets aired and played out or not.

You can rewrite the script.

You can pull the actor / the voice.

You can analyze if the scene is going in the direction you had planned.

Decide which voice will have the leading role in your mind

Do you notice that the people who you spend time around are the people you become like?

I picked up a super southern accent in high school and college.

If you are serious about having a positive mind and mental atmosphere, then you have to be serious about what you are putting into it and around it.

Things I am mindful of:

-too much news

-too much social media

-too much tv

-too much music

-too much gossip or small talk with a negative slant


Instead of pressuring yourself to “do better” and forcing change, let’s take a different approach. A kinder approach.

One of the permission.

This is permission growth.

It fosters an environment that supports exploration, and new possibilities.

Permission is supportive and accepting.

It feels safe.

At the base of “not enough” is a fear that we are not safe.

What do you need to give yourself more permission to do or to be in your life?

Permission to shine, permission to set boundaries, permission to believe, permission to change, permission to be yourself, permission to be happy now?

Permission to “just be Trish Blackwell” changed everything for me.


“I AM IN SEASON FOR A REASON” made me stop the car and bawled my eyes out!

Hi, Trish. I’m Anne. I’m 35 years old and the mom of 3 young girls (4, 2 and 14 weeks). I am also a new fan of yours and I can’t thank you enough for practically saving me. My relationship with my boyfriend and the father of our girls was really rough where families got pretty involved. He has narcissistic tendencies and controlling BUT since I’ve been binge-listening to your podcast, I have learned MY value, I have calmed down a lot, stopped blaming the world for everything that’s going wrong and genuinely starting to feel confident again. I went from suicidal due to home life and being chronically ill to walking tall! Biggest achievement: I was able to take our 4 (sassy) and 2-year-old (“honey badger”) to the grocery store by myself for the first time ever! Learning on how to be happier and confident releases much lighter energy from me that is so contagious in our home. Things are much easier. Thank YOU!

I am seeing the world in a different light and continuing to do so. I am praying to God that He guides me through this new and wonderful journey through you. Also, you explain things that even my mom brain can understand.

Thank you, Trish. You are not just speaking but you saved my life, my relationship is thriving and my children has a more engaged, confident and happier mom.

Thank you so much,


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