Podcast #306

This week on The Confidence Podcast, we’re chatting about:

  • Why does God think you’re wonderful in the first place? Is this really true?
  • 5 lifestyle steps to take daily to activate this from your head to your heart
  • How to believe that you are wonderful in an active, real-life, confident way
  • God says this is true!


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god says


Before listening to your podcast, I was always the victim of my dramas, I was safely on the sidelines of life…outside looking in, my mind was stuck in my regrets of the past, or paralyzed with dread of the future. After years of listening to your podcasts, and becoming a recent member of The College of Confidence, I have a lot more moments of being victorious rather than a victim. I am more present in my moments rather than transpired to past or future. I have learned to say yes to events and people that sparkle my soul and say no to events and people that are toxic. I am giving back more to my world…and this feels awesome! Thank you, Trish…God has given you a gift to inspire others to choose joy instead of sadness in their lives!


Because you have a life.

Because He does not make mistakes.

Because this world needs light, love and of the 7 billion+ humans alive right now, there needed to be you.

Because there is no one who has existed before like you.

Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made – look at the science of biology and the chances of you being born. (1 in 400 trillion)

Because you are valuable and have dignity.

Do you realize what has to happen for you to be born, and the chances you came out as you? The odds of you being born as you are about 1 in 400 trillion, or more.


  1. Write out your power truth of the day.
  2. Have an active plan to detox negative, distracted thinking that doesn’t serve you. (gratitude, old vs new me, action, breath work, anxiety)
  3. Live with a mindset of simplicity. (don’t overcomplicate, reduce comparison, limit technology, track how you spend your time and know what you want)
  4. Spend time with God (ask for Him to show you what He sees in you)
  5. Get obsessed with the positive and with your ownership over your feelings (process your feelings, your thoughts, your perspective, your statements – “I’m so busy” > Hunter boots example, slow down, take action and prove to yourself that you aren’t actually as busy as you think”


Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Focus on progressive growth and micro-belief changes.

It’s more important to believe hard than to work hard. Figure out what is keeping you from believing how you should.

You are important not because of what you do, because of how busy you are, but because of you.

Listen, this is radical. This is bold. This is unusual living.

But for me, that’s the kind of life I want.

I want a John 10:10 life. An abundant life, a life of rich satisfaction and meaning.


I know you’re probably thinking about the growth you want. But how often have you thought about something, and started going towards it, but felt lost, overwhelmed and uncertain about whether or not you were in the right direction or if you could do it.

This happens all the time. Sister, you are not alone.

I want you to know that I get it, and I was there too. That’s why I so love working with you because I get the struggle.

Honestly, I need to confess to you: three people in the last twelve hours told me “Trish, you don’t get it, your life is perfect.” Y’all. It’s not.  I have been to the pit and back. I have fought addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, abuse, financial devastation, failure, insecurity, crippling fear and perfectionism, social anxiety, sexual assault, and my deathbed twice – flashes of my life before my eyes.

And yet, I stand here before you, telling you that life is beautiful, and God loves you, and He works miracles through our messes. His power is most glorified through our weaknesses, and I hope that you see that my story is a humble example of just that.

So, stop trying to do this all on your own, okay? You don’t have to be a hero. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. You don’t need to figure this out on your own. You don’t need to stay stuck.

Let’s walk this transformation and renewal of your mind together. I want to walk alongside you. I want to cheer you on. I want to push you when you want to give up. I want to remind you that you can finish what you start, which is exactly what I am doing with my members in The College of Confidence.

Join today and get access to this month’s course, “How to Finish What You Start,” join me face-to-face for some personal coaching in our live calls and let’s stop thinking about changing and start the process of actually moving the needle forward. Whether you want to work on your personal confidence, your social confidence or your professional/entrepreneurial confidence, there is a membership option for you, with membership rates starting at a mere $20.  Find out more and get started at www.collegeofconfidence.com



Hi Trish! I love listening to the podcast! Question for you – three completely different bosses in different settings have given me word for word the same feedback – “We can tell you are smart and learning quickly and have lots of great ideas. But you need to believe in yourself more. ” I am getting a bit frustrated by this because I think that I do and I do feel like I speak up with my ideas! This is probably super related to confidence and I would really love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

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