Podcast #305: 

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re chatting about

  • Why self-doubt sneaks into our lives and how to spot it
  • What self doubt means to you
  • Strategies on how to turn down the voice of self-doubt
  • My recommendation for action to transform your inner self-talk 


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Sarah Mazzeo

Trish, I have been wanting to leave you a review for months now, as I have been listening to your new episodes weekly as well as digging into the archives on the days I really need a boost. the listening world needs more amazing people like you to bring such a strong good message and remind us that we are all enough and really can do whatever we put our mind to. I love how authentic, real and thorough you are…please don’t ever stop! I have always had general confidence and self-esteem issues that have followed me into why 30’s since I was a pre-teen, so I am always a work-in-progress, as we all are – to feel better about myself and stop caring what other people think, now more than ever as I had my 3rd baby girl in December. So now more than ever I want to be my best self for them and for me and to teach them the importance of feeling great about themselves. I also dream one day of helping people like you do, but have a long way to go so I will keep learning from you in the meantime! I wish to meet you one day – you have helped me so much. I see differences in myself since listening to you already, and I love it! Sorry for the length – thank you so much! I thank the universe for guiding me to your podcast that day I begged silently to hear something that would make me feel better!

doubt means to you


I’m sharing part of the replay of my most recent masterclass, so you’ll hear some live interaction and questions answered. I typically don’t share replays BUT I had just too many people who attended tell me that the masterclass was one of the most succinct summaries of all of my coaching that they’d heard. I value y’alls feedback, always, and want to serve you as much as possible, so, replay to all it is!

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Sare B.

Hi Trish!

I just found your podcast today and I’m already hooked. So many things you said I could completely relate to. A lot of times in my life I’ve found myself not doing something because of lack of confidence. Your podcast really gets to the root of why I might be feeling some of those things. It’s amazing! Just wanted to say thank you! I hope to continue to learn from you. Keep being incredible!

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