Podcast 304


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re chatting about:

  • How to be okay with the risk of people not liking you
  • Some ways to dive into taking the risk of being yourself
  • The most freeing question to ask yourself


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I was looking up podcasts that I could relate to and I stumbled upon Trish Blackwell’s podcasts. Let me tell you how awesome she is. I can relate pretty much to a T with everything she talks about. She has a way with her words and putting analogies together to help people understand what she’s trying to say the first podcast I listened to brought me into tears because I could relate so well with an email she read that a listener sent in. I feel like God dirtied me to listen to her podcasts to help me with changing my ways of thinking and my mindset. I definitely recommend listening to Trish’s podcasts if you struggle with low self-esteem and body image.


Some things to know:

The Rule of 50/50.

Some people will like you, some won’t. This isn’t about you, it is about social statistics.

Spend Your Emotional Energy on Your Inner Circle

Focus more on the people who like you than the people who don’t. They are the ones who matter.

Embrace being a risk-taker.

Anything in life that matters comes with risk. Position your self-view as adventurous.

Listen to What You Really Want and Stop Creating Stories that Aren’t Happening. 

Want to order pizza? Do it.  You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.

Everyone Just Wants to Be Part Of

People aren’t judging you as fiercely as you think they are. They are really actually more worried about you liking them than they are worried about what they think of you.

People are Drawn to Authenticity 

Remember those people who are wild, themselves and totally inspiring, and remember thinking, gosh, I wish I could be like that? Well, you can be. It’s simple, and it’s the secret to true confidence … not only will you free you but you will inspire others as you do.


If not being a risk-taker hasn’t gotten you where you want to be, or gotten you the level of happiness or confidence you crave, then what do you have to lose by being a little more risky?

I was a rule-follower my whole life, and then I decided to do things differently. Because, if we want to see or experience change, then we need to do something to change what we are doing or feeling.

For me, a pivotal decision and shift happened by wrapping my mind and heart around the concepts of enthusiasm and adventure.  I want a lifestyle of adventure – I want to make life a terrific adventure, and so I have to choose daily to be less serious, more risky and to have more fun.


What’s the worst case scenario? 


Hi! My name is Gillian and I have a friend that recommended your podcasts to me! I listen to them every day (I’m starting from your very first ones and going up!) I take notes with every one of them too. I just got done listening to #11 be who you are, not who you were and you said to be risky and tell someone and be accountable. I don’t have anyone close to me to tell, so I am emailing you and telling you. I am so serious about losing weight and I feel terrible because I keep going back to my old ways and not staying dedicated. I have told my husband so many times ” this time I’m serious I will work super hard and get fit and be healthy” and every time the same thing happens. Working out is not the hard part for me, I actually love it. It’s my nutrition that messes me up. I love sweets and don’t eat correct portions! But my poor husband probably doesn’t believe me when I say it anymore and I know he feels bad for me because he’s the one I cry to when I’m feeling bad about myself. your podcasts have helped me a lot with what I’m saying to myself too, so it’s been helping and he’s been seeing a difference but I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself. I’m tired of being overweight. I need and want to be healthy for myself, my husband and my 7 and a half-month-old baby! So starting today, I am going to meal prep correct portions for myself for the week. Because I know if I have the food made and ready to eat, I’ll be less likely to go out or make something that’s quick and unhealthy! Thank you so much for all the podcasts! You are so inspiring.

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