Podcast 302 


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast  we are talking about:

  • The importance of fundamentals in your personal growth
  • How to not feel “behind” in your confidence journey
  • 26 ways to have more confidence 


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Always be the first to smile.


Breathe with intention, especially when you feel anxious or nervous.


Cultivate courage with every opportunity that presents itself.


Detox comparison of all types from your life.


Explore life as if it were an adventure.


Focus on love, always.


Ground yourself in gratitude.


Help others.


Invest in your personal growth.


Joke around more.

Keep your mind focused on what matters.


Let go of who you think you should be and be who you are.


Make time for self-care as a priority.


Never compare yourself. Not to others. Not to expectations. Not to your past. Not to where you think you should be. Comparison steals your joy and your ability to be in the present, and it is impossible to be confident unless you are walking in the moment.


Organize your priorities to prevent overwhelm or feeling “behind”


Permit yourself to be yourself, you have permission from God to be so, so why would you ever doubt it


Question the status quo.


Reenergize and recharge yourself with daily self care and self-kindness.


Stand tall, smile broadly, speak loudly.


Take yourself less seriously than you do.


Understand that you are made with purpose, and to for fill that purpose and make a difference in this world, you need to choose to show up with confidence encourage every day. It is a choice to show up, not something that will come naturally, rather it is something that is done intentionally.


Vulnerability is your greatest guide to authenticity, and authenticity leads to to the confidence flow.


Walk into a room with the intention of making it better because of your loving and encouraging presence.


X is a mark a confident person uses to create boundaries, removing business and over commitment from their lives, and saying no to toxic people or environments that lead you to a place of comparison and insecurity.


Yearn to grow just a little bit more each and every day is a person who God made you to be, and know that doing that is enough to create a beautiful and impactful life.


Zone out every day. Allow yourself to daydream and think big to remove yourself from a life of lack end of limitations. This creativity will spark life into your natural confidence.


Brennlee Anderson

Hey Trish, just wanted to leave some love here. Your podcast has helped me for around  a year, I love it! Always look forward it listening to you while I drink my morning coffee. Your messages are inspiring and motivational, you make me think about my life and give me the push to put effort into being my best, authentic self (one of my values). So grateful I found your podcast, keep up the good work!

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