Podcast #300


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re talking about:

  • The secret to learning how to really believe that you are doing better than you think you are and how to celebrate progress, not perfection as you pursue excellence in your life
  • How taking more risks leads to winning more
  • Special Milestone Celebration FREE Coaching Session Announcement!


Rebecca9496, “My Favorite Podcast!”

I have been a faithful listener for a while now, I originally discovered Trish on 104.7 The Fish and immediately looked up the podcast. I have found so much encouragement, insight, inspiration and just love this podcast so much. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for not only a life coach but someone that they would totally go and grab a coffee or a glass of wine with. Trish has helped me to uncover so many things in my own life, change my perspective on things, and given me inspiration to step outside of my comfort zone when it comes to social confidence. Thank you, Trish, for providing such outstanding content, for consistency showing up for us, and just for being you.


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You’re happier and more successful than you might think. Happiness is a state of mind, not a state of conditions.

Winning is a mindset shift.

Happiness is not far away – but available right now.

Believe that you are already winning.

Celebrate progress.

Proclaim who you want to be – I’m a winner, I’m happy, I’m an action-taker, etc.

Practice giving yourself credit for doing better than you think you are …. practice this by looking for champagne moments!


Find them in all areas of your life.

Champagne is a mental status, a mindset of excellence and optimism.

507 reviews, we are celebrating our 300th episode! (Let’s go for 1K reviews!)

Almost 2 million downloads.

Listener champagne moments: 

Eating disorders healed

Major speaking gigs landed

Businesses started

Debt cleared and financial freedom reached

Books are written

Podcasts launched

Marriages rebuilt

Toxic thoughts detoxed

Marathons run

Self-Kindness and self-forgiveness learned

New hobbies explored

Friendships improved

Career paths decided

Charities launched

Anxiety and overwhelm quelled

Oh, and, as a community, just in the past month, we forged together to give $2,575 to Faith Aid and helped 10+ impoverished children in Africa.  Because of your generosity and your willingness to take action, this podcast community is changing the world, in ways we never imagined we would. 


Speak words of life

Know your value ($50 bill example)

Train your brain and make it a priority – not a nice-to-do, but a -must-do

Make self care a priority

Don’t compare

Show up for yourself

Take your wins and champagne moments


Sitting and wishing does no one any good

Dare to give yourself permission to thrive

Be bold enough to pat yourself on the back and to see your own growth


Yes, I’m sipping champagne and relishing the sweetness that comes when you give yourself permission to pop out of the norm.  I still remember the first conversation I had with my friend Chris Robbins while I was on the treadmill at the gym. If my show has ever touched or encouraged you, you have Chris Robbins to thank, for he is the friend who nudged me to start.

The point? You never know where one decision will lead you. You never know what one bit of encouragement from you to someone else will lead them and will make a positive difference in this world?

The thing that could have held me back from it all was what is probably holding a lot of you back: self-doubt.

That’s why, in celebration of our 300 episode milestone, I’m giving away a LIVE COACHING WORKSHOP on HOW TO SILENCE SELF-DOUBT.

It’s on Sunday, January 13th at 8 PM. Save your spot for FREE at www.trishblackwell.com/silenceselfdoubt  

I’m committed to a coaching session that very well might be the turning point of your life, for I know first hand what happens when you turn the volume of self-doubt down and the boldness of belief up!  Oh, and come as you want – I’ll be having some champagne and we’ll be bringing people live on camera with me. … plus this will be a live Q&A to help you overcome any mindset self-doubt or limitation holding you back!


College of Confidence! 

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Will you take the risk to do something different this year? Will you take a risk on yourself and on getting a coach and a community who is as obsessed with personal growth as you are?

Now is the time.

Join The College of Confidence today at www.collegeofconfidence.com


Chris Robbins, for being the spark that started this whole crazy ride of podcasting! Brother, I’m thankful for your friendship and role as one of my favorite go-to tech gurus.

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