In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re chatting about:

  • How to stop procrastinating
  • A flip of the lens on how to look at your time management
  • Strategies on how to stop lying to yourself about your motivation and follow-through 


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To stop using procrastination as an excuse we have to first understand why we procrastinate in the first place. Some of the reasons why we procrastinate:

Lack of structure.

Time scarcity.

Mismanagement of priorities.


Avoidance of unpleasant tasks.

Anxiety and worthiness misconceptions.

Confidence of capability.

We create our our pressures.

The lie of time.

The Tetris effect – putting our focus on why we can’t do something perpetuates the limitation that we have falsely created

Procrastination is not your safety net.

It will not keep you safe, so stop pretending that it will.


Time allocation exercise. How will you spend your 24 hours?

What does an ideal day actually look like for you?

Use your timer on your watch to set time limits to your activities and to your to-do list. The things we have to do expand or contract into the amount of time we allot for them, so remember that you are in control of your time; time is not in control of you!


Get fired up – have purpose

Stop selling yourself short.

Refuse to play small.

Recognize that procrastination is actually selfish.

Don’t be a jerk to the world.

Know what you actually want.

Delegate what you are putting off, or put on your britches and just get it done.

Stop overthinking – don’t create mountains that aren’t there.

Remember these things:

You have more than enough time.

You can do hard things.

You aren’t suffering as much as you think you are.


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