In this episode of#TheConfidencePodcastwe are chatting about:

  • Happiness and how to have more of it
  • Different approaches to live out happiness if you aren’t naturally optimistic
  • How to increase happiness within your most important relationships

As always, a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners, thanks for being a part of this extended community of contagious encouragement.


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Hey Trish,

Hope you’re doing well!! Tom beat me to telling you how much I LOVED your podcast episode on how to Create More Fun in your life. (He said most recent, which I enjoyed that one as well since I’m a Type A stress monkey!) But I really loved the episode before it.

I have been unhappy at my current job for awhile and I keep telling myself “just be positive” but I think I need to just have fun. Consciously do the little things I enjoy. Like today my job gave us the option to go snowboarding all day or work – usually I would skip because it’s a day of small talk with people I don’t know well but I decided this time to have fun. I hit jumps, rails, a crappy half pipe and I think my whole body is broken but it was so worth it!

You’re a gem! 🙂

Sam L.

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