In this episode of #TheConfidencePodcastwe’re chatting about:

  • Celebrating 5 full years as a podcast community!
  • College of Confidence Giveaway – this week only !!!!
  • 70 small shifts that you can use for yourself too

As always, a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners, thanks for being a part of this extended community of contagious encouragement.


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I would have never imagined that a podcast would where I would find my heart come alive.

I would have never known that I could build a business around a podcast.

I would have never known the power of becoming more, of growth, without this podcast.

It started with an idea.

An idea to serve others.

An idea to show up, no matter what.

An idea to push past my own doubts in order to love others.

I am so thankful I did.

Now, think about your own idea. That gift you want to share with the world.

Forget the self-doubt.

Forget the overthinking about the know-how.

Focus on the people you want to love and serve.

And then go do it.


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These are decisions I have made.

These are mantras I live by.

These are small mindset shifts that have changed my happiness.

  1. I want to pursue excellence, not perfection.
  2. I want to achieve, not over-achieve.
  3. I want to laugh more than the average person.
  4. I want to learn something new every day.
  5. I want to embrace failure as an opportunity to grow.
  6. I want to always look for the best in people, in things, in situations.
  7. I want to leave a legacy that matters – that moves people to love more.
  8. I want to thrive, every day, instead of just survive.
  9. I want to live with purpose and joy – rather than with busyness and productivity.
  10. I want to be the best me that I can be – nothing more, nothing less.
  11. People aren’t thinking about me as much as I think they are.
  12. People need more love than they admit – and I can share the love.
  13. People always cheer on one another when they are authentic.
  14. People won’t fill my need for approval in the way that knowing I am a child of God does.
  15. People are something I need and crave more of every day.
  16. People can move change in the world.
  17. People need more hugs.
  18. People thrive when they belong and they know they matter.
  19. People need people.
  20. People are waiting for someone to believe in them and encourage them.
  21. God loves me more than I can humanly comprehend.
  22. God’s grace is more than sufficient for me.
  23. God will open doors in life if I trust in Him.
  24. God sees me as His beautiful child.
  25. God is love.
  26. God will guide me, if I allow Him.
  27. God is for me, not against me.
  28. God can take my burdens, fears and anxieties – and He wants to.
  29. God made me as I am meant to be.
  30. God created me as a human being, not a human doing.
  31. Life is an adventure.
  32. Life is a gift that we choose how much of it to unwrap.
  33. Life is always beautiful – we just have to look for the right lens sometimes.
  34. Life – all life – matters.
  35. Life is about progress, not perfection.
  36. Life is not a competition and has no finish line.
  37. Life speaks beauty through people and relationships.
  38. Life lived with gratitude changes everything about the life lived.
  39. Life is lived in either love or fear, and I choose love.
  40. Life is infinitely complex, yet beautifully simple.
  41. I have untapped resources within me.
  42. I have the ability to shine love into the world.
  43. I have a responsibility to show up as my best – for myself, and for others, and for God.
  44. I have more where that came from.
  45. I have a choice in how I think.
  46. I have power in my thoughts.
  47. I have the ability to change, grow and learn.
  48. I have an obligation to be my best me.
  49. I have all that I need.
  50. I have been refined by my past, not defined by it.
  51. I am never going to stop learning.
  52. I am a creature of growth and constant transformation.
  53. I am beautiful.
  54. I am enough.
  55. I am becoming more.
  56. I am not in competition with anyone.
  57. I am the mom God uniquely chose for my children.
  58. I am never going to stop dating my husband.
  59. I am growing more and more in love every day.
  60. I am unstoppable, powerful and resilient.
  61. I will wake with gratitude.
  62. I will refuse to live a life defined by stress.
  63. I will live with intention.
  64. I will age beautifully, inside and out.
  65. I will extend grace generously.
  66. I will spread kindness like confetti.
  67. I will do hard things.
  68. I will do something that scares me every day.
  69. I will cling to truth and speak my truth.
  70. I will make a difference with my love.

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Each time i get an email from you I get nervous and wonder exactly what you knew How can it be when we oceans apart You know exactly what’s inside my heart Your uplifting words brightens my day When everything else seems dark and gray

So Trish,

i want to thank you For all you say and do your words all mean so much to me It helps to set some demons free!

Lenora Lewis

Hi Trish,
I was listening to one of your recent podcasts about living an extraordinary life, number 235. This podcast really spoke to me as it’s something I’ve been focusing on recently. I grew up in a place where it was expected for people to be extraordinary in some way or another. I was the outlier, so I thought, and the person who was just ordinary in an extraordinary world. I’ve been battling and trying to find ways to be extraordinary ever since I moved away so that I can say I’m extraordinary in a different way. But after hearing your podcast, I realized that I was extraordinary in a different way. I’m extraordinary for fighting through lots of disappointment, heartbreak, anxiety, and moving away from friends and family. You helped me to realize just how important it is to recognize yourself as being extraordinary and to live an extraordinary life. Thank you for helping me to realize this!

Victoria Eisenmann

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