In this episode of #TheConfidencePodcast we’re chatting about:

  • How to let your passion guide you to live the life you were created to live
  • Types of transitions and some thoughts on how to tackle your particular transitions with more confidence, perspective and positivity
  • The secret to creating an internal flashlight in the tunnel of transition so that you stay sane, hopeful and confident as you patiently move through the transition

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What are transitions and why are they so challenging?

Transitions are false dark holes – they seem to never end and so we give. We know they take us somewhere, but it is impossible to know the length of the journey or where we are actually going to end up so we tire, we hesitate and we create our own resistance.

They are undefined

They are unknown

They are uncomfortable

They bridge us from the known to the unknown

Release tension

Set your intention.

-Brendon Burchard


  • Marital status change – positive or negative
  • Relationship transitions – finding the right friends, dating the right people, connecting w/others
  • Family changes – addition of family members, loss of family members, change of family dynamics
  • Financial changes – positive or negative
  • Professional changes – launching your own business, moving up within a company, professional setbacks, finding your passion or perfect career, identifying how you want to make your mark on the world
  • Personal growth transitions – working through a bad habit you want to break, developing positive character traits you crave, consistently living out your ideal habits, learning to believe in yourself, forgiving others, letting go of your past, changing your internal limitations, letting go of negative bad habits or addictions or thought patterns


You can lose your way in the tunnel of transition without the proper lighting.

Your internal flashlight is powered by

-your ‘why’ compass

-your passions

-your heart

-your habits

-your ability to stay in your lane

-your personal recharging ability

-your ability to uncomplicated your overthinking

-your baby-steps of daily action

-your peace in your heart (driven by forgiveness, acceptance, simplicity, presence)

Keep your flashlight lit and you will walk through the tunnel with hope, peace, confidence and courage. You will avoid the “overwhelm” and the “underwhelm” that often burdens our souls when we are in these states of “in-between.”


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Good evening Trish,

I listen and throughly enjoy and love your podcasts. I have been struggling with body dismorphia for 13 years. It has gotten a lot worse. I just can’t seem to stop comparing myself to women I think are more beautiful than me. I want to be anyone else but me. I also have a hard time when someone says I look like someone who is unattractive to me, even if they are meaning to give me a compliment, I instantly feel ugly. How do you make this stop ? How do you let it go? I know too girls can be mean to and jealous too, which I have also come to face for a long time. It still hurts me and stings when they say things to undermine me. Or things to keep me for being confident. Please help Trish. Anything helps. Thank you so much.

Your friend



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