In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re chatting about:

  • 5 ways to have a better relationship with food
  • Open Q&A from some pre-submitted questions about food and exercise habits
  • How to start speaking differently about eating and about your body so that this year is finally the year you find the freedom to be and feel as beautiful as you really are and to stop self-sabotage

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As always, a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners, thanks for being a part of this extended community of contagious encouragement.


  1. Stop judging yourself.
  2. Stop expecting others to judge you.
  3. Stop attaching guilt to food
  4.  Start celebrating the fuel that food provides.
  5.  Start giving yourself permission to find pleasure in food.


How do I learn to eat without guilt?

How do I stop the habit of tasting/spitting?

How to overcome emotionally dieting even when you aren’t on a physical diet… How to not feel guilt and fear (and then shame) while indulging even though you know it is acceptable.

I feel like I have no sense of satisfied or full. I can eat and eat, stuff myself until I can’t breathe, and then eat again 15 minutes later.

I always have a hard time not beating myself up if I don’t eat on my plan – how would you stop that?

Not sure how to reframe as a question but..When I see a picture of myself I don’t like I get down on myself, like it will ruin my whole day since I will think I am a failure or something but I know my mind is playing tricks on me and what I see!

If you’ve struggled with orthorexia- and binge eating disorder. How to get stronger over the many ‘triggers’ that make you want to go back to your old habits. And also how to not let others food choices (who are close to you) effect yours. (If other people you are around are eating poorly, or eating junk food, how to have it not make you want to constrict and be obsessive and eat super healthy to overcompensate out of fear for your health and theirs) I know that may sound silly

How do you choose wisely after recovering from binge eating? How do you overcome food fears? I tell myself I want “food freedom” but then often regret even a small indulgence. I never learn from my experience. I just repeat the same issues and then want to go back to dieting which I fear will lead to further binges

Perhaps how to make food choices easier – I eat crap when crap is right there. I also have a harder time when I have to seek out healthier food, so I skip it all together. I don’t necessarily beat myself up about it, but in trying to eat well I end up not eating enough.

How to overcome emotionally dieting even when you aren’t on a physical diet… How to not feel guilt and fear (and then shame) while indulging even though you know it is acceptable.

I haven’t known anyone other than you, that has experienced an eating disorder so I did a little research. l am curious to know what some of the disordered eating habits are and where is the “line” between having a restrictive diet for fitness goals and an emotional eating disorder.
Also might be good to talk about body dysmorphia.


Once you free yourself from moralizing food, then your propensity to self-sabotage will disappear and dissipate.

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As I’ve been in and out running errands and catching up on household tasks, I’ve been reflecting on today’s video meeting. This experience- this College of Confidence experience (and beginning way back to a year and a half ago when I began reading Insecurity Detox by Trish)-buying that book, digging into it however long it took, signing up for access to coaching and accountability–is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. No, I think it may be THE greatest gift. I realized today that it is getting my life back, like being reborn…growing up, all my life–I have years of bad habits ingrained in me. It will take time to undo all of those habits and become consistent with these new ways of thinking and new good habits. I just need to give myself some grace to allow myself to grow. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support. Thank you Trish for your excellent ideas and questions and support that truly helps me each and every day. It’s a roller coaster. But we’ve got this!

-Robin Horne

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