In this episode of Confidence on the Go we’re chatting about:

  • Identifying what battles are your most challenging and defining in life and how to gear up to battle to win differently
  • Believing you can win before you even go to the metaphorical battle line
  • Leveraging your losses and setbacks with confidence

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Victory evades so many of us in various areas of life – from anxiety and depression to financial freedom and self-confidence – but it doesn’t have to. In fact, we were created to be overcomers, not on our own power, but through that of God’s through us.   The truth is that while we all battle our way through life, very few of us actually muster up the courage to face our battles with the intent to win. When we face our battles and look them in the eyes, then the battle changes and so do we.

Battles are won and lost in the strategy and in the approach. In life, whether the battle is an internal one or an external one, it is best tackled through our thoughts. Often it is busyness and distraction that confines us to thinking how we have always thought, but God wants more for us than that. When we lean into His teachings and mindset strategies, God can take our thinking of the past and transform it into thinking that wins.   God freed us from our thoughts and He offers to us a different way to face our battles – and, every time we choose to show up to battle with God’s thinking in our thinking, we will always win.

Every victory starts first with one win. My first win came from victory over what I thought was my darkest battle – and it opened within me a new belief system about myself, about God and about the victory God has offered to me. After a decade of struggle and of thinking God had forgotten about me, my thinking was transformed and I started to believe in freedom and in change. I saw God’s hand in my life and I believed He wanted the best for me. I began to see myself capable of changing my thoughts, but more than that, I took ownership of my responsibility for stewarding them. God has given us all of the tools we need to train our mind for victory over every battle and He is calling us to rise up and show up with courage to face the things we have spent a lifetime running from. Everyone has an “opening battle,” or an initial wake up to the epic war of spiritual proportions that goes on in our minds and our lives and the first time you face your “opening battle,” or your first personified “enemy,” is an imperative step for greater change and victory in all areas of life. This battle opens our eyes to the calling of change God wants for us and, if we allow it, it is the first step that opens our minds for transformation from above.

Your battles might be:

The fight against fear

The struggle against stress

The duel against doubt

The melee for your money

The war against wrath

The joust with jealousy

The battle to be the best

The attack against addiction

The scuffle against scarcity

The rumble against rejection

The brawl to be brave


One of the most transformational truths that will change your approach to battle in your life is the fact that, with God on your side, the war has already been won.   That said, it is imperative to remember that your life is a warzone, and that there are battles that you might lose, but the loss of a battle does not mean the loss of the war. God will take your losses and your setbacks to train, strengthen and refine you as He transforms you and prepares you for a win in the next battle to come.   When you live as if you have already won, you learn to tap into divine strength that is not your own. Often we become disheartened and exhausted from feeling like we are fighting the same battle over and over again, and it is in these times we must remember that we are not alone and not to be discouraged, for though it may not seem like it in the present moment, the battle is already won.

The Lifestyle and Mindset of Victory

Like any great champion, the more victories you claim, the more confident you naturally become. You will know you can trust your training, and you will stay committed and connected to the discipline of that training and to your Coach so that you are always ready to claim a win when the opportunity presents itself.   The truth is that, because of sin, our lives are a warzone. We will always have battles to face, and sometimes the same battle will continue to resurface and attempt to challenge us again at a duel. Sometimes we will win, sometimes we will lose, but one thing we can hold on to for sure is that we will always win the war. Because we know that we not only have God on our side, but that we have the power of His thinking that He has taught us and given us, we can be filled with optimism about the future, being confident in the resilience and strength we will need.   The lifestyle of living in a state of victory means that we live with a heart of celebration. Every champion celebrates even the smallest victory, allowing themselves to cherish and enjoy the good fruit that has come from their courage and their labor, and in our spiritual lives it is no different.   Jesus Christ came to give us life and life to the full, which is a life of abundance, provision, strength, companionship, and celebration, and when we partner with Him in our thought life, we too are overcomers who even death cannot break.


To win battles continually you have to know that losing one battle doesn’t mean you have los the war.

People who lose battles give up too often and too quickly – but you will never be able to move forward with confidence.

  1. Expect there to be battles.
  2. Anticipate winning them – but know you will have some losses
  3. Be prepared to keep showing up.


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Christina Bargas

Hi Trish,

Thank you for all that you do. I was wondering if you could answer me a few questions about how you got to where you are today. Did you get your life coach certificate before you started to blog or help others? I am thinking about starting a blog, but don’t know if I have the right talents for this. I would love to help others that can relate to me and well kind of do what you do. You inspire me and love your beautiful words and encouragement.



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