In this episode of #ConfidenceOnTheGo we’re chatting about:

  • How to launch your entrepreneurial vision and make your dream come true
  • The difference between those who fail in business and those who don’t
  • What this 1% of the 1% has done differently to be a wild success and a work-at-home mom

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Julianne Condia

I don’t want to live a busy life.

I want to live a full life.

Do you STRUGGLE with patience?


This journey is all about patience.

This journey is about trusting this process.

This journey is about hard work.

This journey is not about quick fixes.

I have struggled with comparison.

I have struggled with frustration.

I have struggled with getting off track.

I have struggled with not measuring up.

I have struggled with missed goals.

I have struggled. Period.

You are not alone.

Your present is precious.

What you do today matters.

Keep on going and do not give up.

I am here for you.

I just got done listening to Trish Blackwell (Confidence on the Go). You need to listen to it!

Here are some tips on being more patient:

Write about it.

Talk about it.

Actively embrace a challenge where you practice it.

Track your small wins.

Let someone go before you in line.

Engage your breathing intentionally.

Open more time in your day – create time abundance.

Remind yourself that your dream will unfold as it is supposed to.

Celebrate your growth milestones and how far you have come.

Trust that the things you are waiting for will happen – proclaim that.

Keep showing up fully in life, every day.

Stop using the phrase “I’m so busy”

Stay in your own lane and don’t compare yourself to others – be in your life and in the present.

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