In this episode of Confidence on the Go, we’re chatting about:

  • The power of a mantra
  • How to create a powerful “undercurrent” mantra that subconsciously leads you to success
  • Some practical suggestions for confidence and courage mantras you can start using right away today

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-My first memory of visualization – at Hargrave with swim team

-Deeper understanding as I was recovering from my eating disorder

-Mastery when I started endurance training and mindset training for my own business

-Now an everyday part of my life

Mantras can come from others and from yourself


What are the main belief systems you have and feel?

What is it that you are reading?

What do you listen to?

What are your old tapes?


One of the most encouraging things about the future is that it is molded by the things we think about now – and thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain, we can train our thoughts to create the lives we want to live.  A simple way to start training your mind is to mediate on mantras, and so, at the request of many listeners and readers, I wanted to put together a simple list of Confidence Mantras to serve you in cultivating a mindset of confidence.  This list is by no means comprehensive, but is a great start to create a foundation of truth in your mind.  These Confidence Mantras will rewrite and override any negative mantras you might be holding onto from your past and the more you think on them, say them out loud, pray over them or journal through them, the more you will instill them deep into your psyche – solidifying them as truth.

Confidence Mantras:

  1. I am confident and able to do anything.
  2. I am beautiful, created by God and perfect in his eyes.
  3. I am capable of doing hard things.
  4. I am gifted with a mind that is flexible and malleable in thinking.
  5. I am a work in progress and I celebrate my growth rather than obsess over perfection.
  6. I am one of one.
  7. I am filled with forgiveness towards those who have hurt me or limited me.
  8. I am grateful for every breath of life I am given and I am committed to celebrating life.
  9. I am not discouraged by rejection or set-backs and I embrace them as opportunities for growth.
  10. I am stress-free and open to the possibilities of life.
  11. I am smarter than I give myself credit and learning more every day.
  12. I am not defined by my past, but rather refined by it.
  13. I am patient and at peace in the season I am in.
  14. I am relentlessly positive and optimistic about what the future holds.
  15. I am a light of love and am committed to sharing that love with everyone I can.
  16. I am a voice of encouragement to those around me – my voice matters.

You’ve got this – never forget that!


Andrea Sawyer

Dear Trish,

I cannot tell you how much you and your #bemoremovement has positively impacted my life over the past year. I remember that in an episode of yours back toward the beginning of the year you had mentioned your favorite calendar planner and I was wondering if you could let me know the name of it? I am a high school teacher and an advisor for an agricultural leadership program at school, and the end of the school year acts as the reflection time for my year and renewal time for new habits, and I was seeking a new planner to help me get started on the right foot. Thank you for your support and encouragement through my daily challenges!

Andrea Sawyer

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