In this episode of Confidence on the Go we’re chatting about:

  • What emotional hygiene is and how to start taking care of it in your life (and why should are going to want to pay attention to it!)
  • The 5 emotional hygiene habits for heightened success that I recommend everyone pay attention to and implement
  • Your emotional capacity tank – how to monitor it and keep it refilled to properly carry you throughout your day in a way that fills your soul and moves your goals forward

As always, a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners, thanks for being a part of this extended community of contagious encouragement.


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It is emotional maintenance and upkeep
Your emotions need daily care to maintain optimum balance


  1. Stop Emotional Bleeding

-Don’t let feelings of helplessness persist

-Be aware of negative cycles and toxic people

-Refuse to perpetuate pity parties

  1. Brush Away Negative Thinking

-Train your thoughts daily

-Start each day with a win

-Reevaluate your thoughts throughout the day

-Plan a positive life

-Steer clear of negativity (be allergic to it)

  1. Cleanse Your Deep Psychological Wounds

-See a therapist – work through your past emotional baggage

-Take ownership of your life

-Know that everyone has challenges

-Forgive those who have hurt you, including yourself

  1. Monitor Your Self-Esteem

-Work on your overall self-awareness

-Increase your self-compassion

-Train your confidence and courage like a muscle

-Be in the game of life with grit and resilience

-Your self-esteem is like your immune system

  1. Protect Your Emotions

-Emotional immune system – keep it healthy and intact by working on your emotional strength and resilience

-Do not damage your emotions by indulging in guilt trips or self-blame


Checking in on yourself on a daily basis is a way to properly and successfully maintain these five habits. If you want to have good relationships with others, you first must have and create and foster a good relationship with yourself.

The relationship you have with yourself sets the pattern for the relationship you will have with others.

Meeting with yourself daily means a few things

-Staring your day off with an emotional connection – a smile from yourself

-Being attentive and in-tune to your needs and adjustments throughout the day

-Knowing what you need emotionally to recharge and relax yourself so that you don’t tap out your emotional capacity tank

Thanks to years of work on my own, and open dialogue / vulnerability with my husband, I have learned to keep a close tap on my emotional tank and I have learned what I need to do when my tank is getting low or empty. It is imperative that, once you figure out how you recharge and how you monitor your emotional levels, that you communicate effectively with your spouse or significant other that they might be able to support and understand you. This has done huge things for the level of intimacy, understanding and communication in our marriage.

Ways I recharge emotionally: go for a run, watch 45 minutes of HGTV, spend an hour shopping by myself with no purpose, deep clean bathrooms, go for a drive in the Jeep with the doors off, read, take a long shower and just sit on the floor, go to bed early and let myself just rest and be alone


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Hi Trish,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! In March, I started listening to your podcasts every morning as I got ready for work. After being in a “funk” I really needed something to pick me up and you did just that. I have always been a pretty active person but suffered a couple of injuries – meniscus and SI Joint last year and they sidelined me for a long time.   For years I have used fitness as my “me or happy” time. I would wake up everyday at 5 am to get my workout in before my “mom duties” kicked in.  Not being able to workout for several months had a huge impact on my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. In March I finally got cleared to work out again but just couldn’t find the desire or drive. Listening to you everyday helped me get that drive back.  One particular podcast you really hit home when you said “stop waiting for the perfect time because it will never happen, there will always be a reason or an excuse to put it off”. That day I decided enough was enough and I was getting back at it. Not only did you help me find my drive, you inspired me to sign up for my first Foam Fest 5K. Nothing intense like you do but it has been on my bucket list for years and things kept “getting in the way”. Two weeks before the race I ended up with a very severe case of Salmonella!  Seriously???  I had overcome my injuries and worked so hard to get ready for this race, I just couldn’t believe that it wasn’t going to happen.

After a trip to the hospital, complete dehydration, several IV bags, bedridden for a week, plus another week to get some of my strength back, I completed the race this past Saturday. Was it my best run? No, but if I waited for the perfect time it wouldn’t have happened. I am super stoked that I can finally check it off my bucket list.  By the way I have already signed up for my next race.

Thank you for your constant faith, inspiration and encouragement.

Sincerely inspired by you,

Karey MacDonald


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