In this episode of Confidence on the Go, we’re chatting about:

  • Isabel Foxen Duke’s brilliance and innovative approach to not being crazy around food
  • The subtle differences between emotional eating and binge eating and what to do mid-binge if you find yourself out of control … also, the deeper message of what binge eating really means in your life and how to move forward from it.
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Isabel slowly started to peel off old diet-brain thinking patterns that were leaving her frustrated, obsessed with her weight watchers calculator, and inevitably plunged into a pool of brownie batter by the end of the day. And after years of various treatments for emotional eating, binge-eating and countless failed attempts at “intuitive eating” that she was never able to implement because her “crazy-brain” always got in the way, Isabel realized she was never going to be able to change my behaviors, unless her thinking was radically changed first.

When she finally stopped thinking like a dieter (which to be clear, is much deeper than simply “not dieting”), she finally started eating “normally.” She stopped bingeing on weird food combinations in the middle of the night; Every emotional or physical trigger didn’t send her straight into a box of thin mints; eating at restaurants no longer stressed her out; and she stopped spending all her time googling paleo recipes (which opened up significant brain space to think about things that actually mattered – things like feminist politics, or what it means to be a good daughter, sister, mother, or friend.)

Her body arrived at the weight that it’s supposed to be — that’s appropriate and natural for her unique disposition. No yo-yo dieting, no drastic swings; just Isabel, having a life, and not letting food ruin it. (And just for the record, her swings used to be dramatic; she fluctuated almost sixty pounds between her highest and lowest weights when she was on the diet-binge-rollercoaster. It was really painful.)

Now what Isabel cares about most is giving the gift of sanity around food to as many women as possible. And letting women everywhere know:

Your life does not need to revolve around food.

In fact, a life which revolves around food (and weight), is statistically most likely to be that which ends up leaving you weight-cycling and feeling “out of control” around cookie dough… not to mention bored, miserable, and probably wishing on your deathbed that you had spent all that diet-time focused on more meaningful life goals.

If attempting to control your body through dieting (or other forced behavioral modifications) is working for you, feel free to keep counting your kale chips while the rest of us go out and have fun with our friends.

If you’re finding that dieting isn’t working for you (e.g. you can only stick to your “plan” for a short period of time before binge-eating frozen desserts), you may want to open your brain to the possibility that a new way of thinking (and NOT a new diet) could actually change your relationship with food permanently.





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