Today’s motivational podcast episode from Confidence on the Go shares my five-step action plan for taking LASER ACTION in your life.  Be the best you possible by letting your belief speak louder than your self-doubt.

  • Action starts with a decision.
  • Complete what you start.
  • Trust your calling and your ability to learn as you take more and more action

Episode #22 Notes:

You cannot move forward in life until you stop blaming.  Stop making excuses, stop being a victim to your circumstances and GO DO SOMETHING. 

Most people don’t live the level of lives that they want not because they are not capable but because they don’t believe in what they are doing enough for it to drive them to ACTION 

My greatest fear is to waste any more of my life than I already have.  I wasted 10 years self-absorbed in an eating disorder and an additional 2 years in a toxic relationship believing that I wasn’t good enough and spending most of my time trying to be someone that I wasn’t.  Two near-death experiences woke me to the fragility of life.


  1. Pick one thing
  2. Stop second guessing every detail of it and just make a decision: schedule in time chunks to execute and GIVE YOURSELF DEADLINES.
  3. Take action.  No excuses. Just start.
  4. Push through barriers with executed decisions, don’t let indecisiveness or feeling overwhelmed let your insecurity or doubt creep in.  TRUST YOUR CALLING.
  5. Complete what you start.

Don’t be the person who starts something and doesn’t finish it.  So many people have great ideas, dreams of how they’d life to really be and a vision for their ideal life/attitude/body/etc, yet 95% of people don’t do anything about it.  

A more concise list is even better, WRITE THIS LIST DOWN AND PUT SOMEWHERE YOU SEE OFTEN: 

  1. Minimize.
  2. Deadlines.
  3. Action.
  4. Trust.
  5. Complete


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