In this episode of Confidence on the Go we’re chatting about:

  • Everything and anything!
  • Time management questions
  • Reading and journaling questions
  • Body image resources questions
  • Toxic relationships questions
  • Body confidence questions and weight loss questions
  • Building a business questions


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Hi Trish

I’m a personal trainer also and I would love to hear your tips for being the best trainer you can be and what’s the most important thing to focus on when marketing your services? Thanks xx    Lynsey Jordan

I was wondering if you might consider a putting together a episode on a podcast, of taking care of yourself, when others around you are not.  Meaning- A lot of my time is spent around my family members who don’t look after their health and wellbeing at all. (I’m not saying that in a way that makes me better than them at all! )  But when you see the bad effects of their actions and choices, and how it’s damaging their health more and more each day, it’s hard to just look the other way. I want to be supportive and to help them, not in a overbearing way, but just to help them understand that they can feel so much better than they do now.

But they don’t want to change any of their habits. It’s hard to focus and take care of yourself, when those closest to you, (literally,) are taking such poor care of themselves, and their wellbeing. Maybe this is a boundary topic, I don’t know. But it’s something I would really appreciate your thoughts on.  –Victoria Lewis

I would love to hear more on how to change toxic thought patterns…it’s been a habit all my life (of 24 years) and is especially directed towards negative self-worth and believing a lot of lies…I really try to feed my mind positively (including your super podcast) but are there visual/physical ways that I could use to really help with breaking this habit and training my mind to focus on truth instead. Thanks so much!

-Marlisa Hostetler

How do you keep positive thoughts about your post-baby body while healing and haven’t been cleared to resume physical activity? I’m finding it extremely difficult to feel confident in summer attire with my post baby pouch and weight. I’m itching to get back into the gym but want to give my body proper time to heal. Is there anything I can add to my daily routine to make this less painful, I still have 5 weeks of restrictions to go!

-Rachel Lucania

I just recently started your confidence on the go podcast and love it. You were talking about CEOs reading on average 60 books a year in one of the recent ones I listened to. I was wondering if there were some books that you have read that you recommended. I have your books on my list already and can’t wait to start. – Danielle Fink

Last summer we struggled a lot with summer clothing. All she would wear was jeans and hoodies in 100-degree heat. I remember you did something with body image and young girls. So I was hoping you may have advice as to guide her. She’s slender but feels self conscious in her skin (like most preteens)! Thanks for any book/journals or anything else you may know of that would help!

-Coralyn Good

How did you learn to let go of anger, fear and resentment after you were abused and then raped? How long did your rock bottom last and what was the biggest thing that helped you see the hope for change? –Anonymous



Our focus in The College of Confidence this June is entirely dedicated to overcoming the dangerous autopilot mindset of comparison …we’re going to go deep on this topic and it will be a mindset and lifestyle changing month for those who are involved and who apply the strategies and challenges we discuss! You won’t want to miss this, be sure to grab your chair in The College of Confidence today at


Hey Trish!

Reaching out to more well-known people like yourself was never something I used to do. I always thought these people were too far above me and I didn’t what I had to say was worth their time. However, I have been teaching myself to do things outside my comfort zone and reaching out to people who have impacted my life is one of them.

Here’s a little bit of my story. Growing up, instead of learning to embrace new people and try new things and accept help when it was offered, I learned to be shy and hold myself back from experiences or situations I viewed as uncomfortable. I was emotionally bullied by the other girls in my class in grade school. In high school I was in a toxic relationship with a guy who was also emotionally abusive and controlling All these things built on each other and in college I finally realized that I was afraid of talking to people, had no self-confidence, and that I really didn’t like myself. I reached out to a friend and she suggested counseling so I started seeing on of the campus counselors and she helped me start addressing all the things I had been ignoring for so long

I made some progress, however it’s only been over the last year that I have really started to blossom. I got into personal development through one of my friends and mentors and your podcast is one of the resources she introduced me to. I want to tell you what an absolute blessing your podcast has been to my life and personal growth. I often listen to it when I am getting ready for work in the morning and it is such a positive and uplifting start to my day! I love your constant encouragement and emphasis and the fact that personal growth is a journey, and that just being a little bit better everyday is all that matters.

Listening to your podcast has definitely helped me grow and build my confidence. The change I have seen in myself is amazing. I am a completely different person today than I was a few years ago, and even one year ago. I still have a ways to go but I know now to focus on how far I’ve come and to simply keep moving forward.

Now I have a passion for helping other build their confidence as well. Coming from a place of zero self-confidence, I know how difficult and heartbreaking it is to live that way. Sometimes I wish I would have started this jounrney sooner but God’s timing is perfect. I am only 26 years old. I know I still have plenty of time and opportunity for growth.

I also wanted to reach out because I wanted to ask you a question. What advice or tips do you have for someone like me who wants to mentor others to help them build their confidence?

Thank you for everything you do! You truly are a blessing!

Kayla Jensen

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